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Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Website Monetization Strategies That Stabilizes Your Online Business Performance

Monetization of a website is a must. As you were searching for your topic keywords, you had found the possible keywords that monetize. You had put them a side. You should use these keywords to monetize your website. 

Ever wondered how you should go about your website monetization strategies? Let me start first by explaining what profitability is. Profitability measures the reward and risk of each of your keywords by comparing the number of surfers searching for that keyword to the number of websites using that keyword.

The number of surfers indicates how many monetizable surfers you get if you are found by that keyword by the search engines. While the number of websites measures how difficulty of the probability is to get found for that keyword.

Surfer’s monetization on the other hand tells you how much you are able to generate from the many ways of earning an income from your website concept. Your website has to have many ways through which to generate income.

As you continue adding more content pages, your surfers are warmed. They trust and have credibility on you. This is because you’re giving them the information which they’re craving for. When your website reaches at this point, then it’s the right time to convert these surfers into income.

Be confident and passionate when writing your website monetization pages. Don’t write leaving your surfer in doubt thinking that you are not sure of the products or services you’re recommending.

Write in a manner that your surfer will feel that you share the same interests. Have a voice of your own that isolates you from the rest of your competitors. Focus on diversifying by coming up with many ways of generating income.

This will make your business to grow and if a bad luck happens to one monetization way, you won’t feel its effect. This is because you have got many ways left of generating income.

Diversifying will help you to absorb all the costs plus leaving you enough bucks for your website to initiate new projects. Diversify by getting Google‘s Ad sense, commissions from merchants (Affiliate programs) and profits from selling your own products.

Using Google Adwords to Find Site Profitability

Google Adwords tool will help you to find the best profitable keywords to use when writing your website content pages.

The formula for calculating profitability is dividing the number of surfers by the number of sites for that keyword multiplied by a thousand (No of Surfers searching for that keyword/No of sites having that keyword x 1,000.)

But where do you get these numbers from? That is a good question…these numbers you get them from Google Adwords.

Google Adwords tool guides you on the current rates that the advertisers are paying to advertise certain keywords. If the rate is high for a certain keywordBusiness Management Articles, it means you will make more commissions.

Don’t mistake the prices you see on it to be the amount you will receive. These prices are the ones which advertisers are going to pay Google.

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