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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Tips on Earning Money with Google AdWords

Earning money with Google AdWords requires you to choose the right keywords for your ads, ensure your website is search engine optimized, make sure your product is right for Google AdWords, and write winning ad copy.  When you follow these basic rules, you too can join the millions who make money with Google AdWords.

Undoubtedly the reason you’ve chosen Google AdWords is because you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website and earn more money.  You need to understand, Google AdWords success requires a holistic approach that involves every phase of your online campaign.  The following are essential tips to making money with Google AdWords:

* Select the most relevant keywords for your ads

* Ensure your website is search engine optimized

* Make sure your product is right for Google AdWords

* Create compelling ad copy.

Did I choose the right keywords for my ads?

You can make money with Google AdWords by choosing the best keywords for your ads. Keywords that are most likely to trigger your ads are keywords which are as relevant as possible to your ads and your website landing page. This is because of the quality score Google assigns to your keywords, which determines how often your ads get placement and how much you will be charged.

When researching the best keywords for your ad campaigns, start with the words that define your product or service. Then, use the Google Keyword Tool to help you search for word variations that people are searching on Google. The Google Keyword Tool will show you dozens of variations on your keywords and how often each keyword gets searched. For your ad campaign, choose relevant keywords that are commonly searched. And make sure you consider the various ways someone might be searching your product or service, including plural versions, singular versions, slang, idioms, colloquialisms, and alternate grammar.

Is my website search engine optimized?

You can make money with Google AdWords by ensuring your website is search engine optimized. To be successful with Google AdWords, you’ll have to maintain a high quality score for your keywords. Your keyword quality score is based upon how relevant your keywords are to your ads and your destination URL, or website landing page. Therefore, you lay out your website using proper SEO techniques so that your landing page contains all keywords connected to your Google ad campaign. Improving your site better for Google AdWords means your ads will run more often and cost less.

Is my product right for Google AdWords?

You can make money with Google AdWords by making sure that what you’re selling is right for Google AdWords. You might be surprised how many people waste money with Google AdWords because their products just aren’t a good fit.  Ask yourself whether your product or service is a specific and popular search item on the Google search engine. Since your Google ads are shown as results to specific searches, no one is going to be interested in your products or services unless they are relevant to their search. For example, a Google AdWords consulting service would be relevant to the thousands of monthly searches for the keywords “Google AdWords Help,” while a book of fiction would very rarely be relevant to any specific Google searches.

Secondly, ask yourself whether people who see your Google ads are capable of buying from you. If you’re selling products at a corner store, for example, how will people who see your Google ad be able to travel to your store to make a purchase?  For the most part, they won’t.  So Google ads probably won’t be the best way to promote your business, even with location targeting.  On the other hand, an online store that sells Google AdWords tutorials would be accessible to anyone on the internet and would therefore be more appropriate for Google AdWords.

Thirdly, ask yourself whether your products or services earn enough money to cover your Google AdWords advertising expense.  This is where you have to remember the Google AdWords cost per click model.  With PPC advertising, you’re paying for each and every click of your ad. Yet imagine you’re only converting a standard one percent or less of those clicks into sales.  Doing the math, you might have to pay for a hundred or more clicks just to make a single sale. Therefore, if your cost per clicks are high and your earnings per sale are low, Google AdWords may be the wrong advertising platform for you. For this reason, Google AdWords is not the best advertising strategy for small ticket items, yet Google AdWords can be an effective advertising strategy for higher priced products or if you’re able to achieve a higher conversion rate.

Is my ad copy good enough for Google AdWords?

You can make money with Google AdWords by writing winning ad copy. Effective ad copy for Google AdWords starts with a compelling headline. Your headline in Google AdWords should almost always contain the keywords being searched.

Your two description lines should accurately describe your product or service and emotionally amplify how you want your audience to feel about it. The more clear and accurate your description, the better you qualify your audience before they click your link. Since you pay per click, you want your audience to know exactly what you’re offering so they don’t waste their time and your money. So you may even want to include a price to weed out people who aren’t willing to pay.

You should also include a clear and concise call to action in the second line of your description. Good examples include “Buy now,” “Sign up today,” and “Call for a free quote.”

Your display URL should be simple, easy to read, and not misleading in any way. Your destination URL, or landing page, should be the exact page on your domain where you offer the product or service you’re advertisingFeature Articles, in order to achieve a high conversion rate.

Follow these basic rules and you too can join the millions who make money with Google AdWords.

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If you'd like more tips on earning money with Google AdWords, feel free to visit  Christopher Prince is the founder of Pay Per Click Answers.  He is an expert copywriter and consultant seasoned in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and many forms of advertising & marketing collateral for a variety of industries. He achieves optimization while maintaining the highest standards of quality content, pleasing both the search engines and your website's audience.

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