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Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Car Making Clicking Noise, Won't Start?

Your car is not starting and you hear a strange clicking noise, then it requires immediate attention. Even though the most probable reason for this is a dead battery, there could be some other reasons too.

The fuel combustion is responsible for turning on the oscillatory movement of the engine piston that culminates the automobile to move forward. But for the workings of the engine to start, a primary push from the flywheel is important. This particular thrust that activates the functioning of the engine is given by a standard electrical chain reaction. It starts with the switching of the car key, which triggers the power source from the battery, and then the cranking of the starter solenoid, the turning on of the starter motor, the triggering of the flywheel, the activation of the compressed fuel, and finishing it with the combustion-sustained working of the engine.

Any kind of problem in this series of activities could cause the car engine not to perform. Given below are the most probable factors that may result in a vehicle not starting with a clicking sound:

  • Dead Car Battery - The main factor is a dead car battery, one which is used up of stored charge, because of a low level of electrolytes, or the breakdown of the alternator (the electric generator that charges the car battery). The problem could be either one of the two.
  • Terminal Deterioration of Car Battery - The clicking sound may be due to lack of power being supplied to the starter motor of the automobile, resulting from battery terminal corrosion. Open the hood of the car and examine the car battery. If you find green and blue deposits on the terminals, that may contribute to the no-starter condition.
  • Loose Starter Connection - If the alternator or battery is eliminated, another factor is a connected starter wire that has gone loose. Refer to the manual of your vehicle to locate the actual starter wire circuit and examine for continuity by using a voltmeter.

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  • Problem in Starter Motor - The motor could have broken down or not able to function, caused by poor triggering mechanism or not enough voltage. This concern is best handled by the experts.
  • Solenoid Problems - The malfunctioning of the starter solenoid could result in a breakdown of the ignition circuit. Therefore, getting the whole circuit examined, together with the motor is an important practice.

Ultimately, regular maintenance of the car batteryFree Reprint Articles, the alternator and the car ignition system at least once a year can prevent the recurrence of these problems.

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