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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Driven by greed

What is it with being in power that makes people want an automotive contraption that would make Donald Trump give a standing ovation? Seems that as soon as certain elements achieve a foothold in the ...

What is it with being in power that makes people want an automotive contraption that would make Donald Trump give a standing ovation? Seems that as soon as certain elements achieve a foothold in the red-carpeted offices of high-profile decision making, the first thing they want to do before doling out any sort of beneficial public amendment is to upgrade their buggy by stepping into a brand new, slap happy Mercedes – anything that looks like it cost the ‘bejezus’ out of someone. The kind most people like me (riffraff who can count their salary on their fingers) can only dream about. What’s even cuter, is that these ever-so-humble hand shakers in the corridors of ill-gotten power want to purchases sets of wheels such as these from our hard earned money. I don’t know about you, but that really messes with my head. I work really hard for my money and so do most of the people I know, and it just makes me seethe to think that instead of putting our ‘mazumas’ towards some constructive national development purpose, my ‘Jinnahs’ are heading towards getting some already loaded-enough-as-he-is guy a ritzy new vehicle to mimic the actions of other self-conformed politicians who did the same. All or blood, sweat and tears come full circle when it comes time to cough up our taxes, allowing them to be used so that some influential people can  park their behinds in the plush chrome interior of a car that costs more than a person like me can earn in a century. Is it just me or is there a sense of bigoted impropriety here? Almost every official ‘man with a plan’ has an imposing ride, complete with the big, green, don’t-mess-with-me number plate. Have you ever watched them scoot around on the roads, skipping traffic lights and speeding away like roadrunners practicing for the Olympics? Have you ever seen them avoiding fines and blatantly disregarding traffic rules? If equality is a tree, it’s being weighed down by a bunch of cerebrally challenged big wigs sitting on the top most branches shaking off the fruit of our labour while we civilian catch the rot that falls below; coz’ honey, we ain’t even on that tree.

A lot of people here are willing hosts to the parasite that is road rage and who can blame them? Take, for example, a typically hot and sweltering afternoon in the middle of July and you’ve just finished with the last of your dreaded and procrastinated over paper work in the office. You’re on your way home and can’t wait to put your feet up. All of a sudden a bunch of leering ‘beholders of the law’ tell you to stop your car as they place a road block in your way. Perplexed by this suddenly hostile takeover of your much valued time, you question them about the hold up. It turns out some money-wieldingFree Articles, authoritative big gun is going to pass by and they need the 3-lane stretch of road all to themselves. And we’re not talking about the ‘Prezzi’ here either. Any political figure who has some kind of big-sounding title attached to his name feels the need to show off his taste for obliterating everybody else from their little world of nonsense by traveling VIP style. What? You can’t travel on the same road as us? You’re worse than my little brother who thinks he’ll catch ‘cooties’ if he even looks at a girl! We’re all people here.

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