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Saturday, June 23, 2018
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How to Replace Your Damaged Rear Windshield

Are you looking for a car glass repair and replacement company for your damaged windshield? Here, are the major steps of rear windshield replacement.

If you are wondering why is it crucial to contact an auto glass repair and replacement company as soon as you break or damage the windscreen or side glass of your car during a collision, then you must know there are several reasons for it. A broken or chipped windscreen means you are no longer safe on the road. A damaged windshield means obstructed visibility on the road and hence, reduced awareness of the things as well as living beings around you.

Contacting a good car glass repair and replacement company ensures advanced technological help from skilled and proficient technicians who understand the importance of a broken automotive glass and take the necessary actions at the earliest. There are plenty of companies offering the best auto glass repair NSW. So, take your pick wisely and be safe on the roads.

But there is no harm in being a little aware of the procedures before resorting to help. So, here we have put together a few points which elaborate on how to do your rear windshield replacement. Take a look.

1. Remove the Existing Windshield 

The first step would be to take care in removing the plastic mouldings from the windshield and then think of the best way in which you can separate the windshield from the pinch-weld. Use a cold knife or a razor to cut it away from the pinch-weld either from internally or externally. Next, you need to cut down the urethane, a strong and flexible polymer-based adhesive. Always try to cut it from inside or else there can be a major problem if the windshield has been placed too closely to the pinch-weld.

Some companies also go for power cutters because they have better speed although they can damage the metal pinch-weld. Then open the front door on both sides of the car to reach your one arm inside and push the glass away from the pinch weld. After you get hold of the glass from outside of the car, lift it up from the weld.

2. Prepare the Pinch-Weld 

Next, you must prepare the pinch-weld and for that, you have to first clean the visible dirt with either plain water or a brush because it runs the risk of decreasing the adhesive quality of the urethane and the windshield. Now remove any kind of rust from it and tape-off the place around the spot or any other area which has not been sanded. Next, you will have to protect your car interiors with the use of tapes, sheets of plastic and paper. After that, prime any bare metal which will keep the adhesion intact and also prevent the metal from further rusting.

3. Install the New Windshield

Finally, you have to use a primer from the frit band in order to open the band’s molecules which will accept the urethane molecules. Most car glass repair and replacement companies apply the urethane with the help of an electric caulking gun. This makes it easier to wind blow the dust from the pinch-weld prior to applying the urethane adhesive. Next, you must take care in aligning the sides as well as the bottom and then install the windshield by putting it on the pinch-weld top. You can obviously tape it until the urethane gets dried up. After that, replace the windshield gasket and put the windshield clips back in its place.

These were the simple and easy ways of a rear windshield replacement. Most reputed companies will, however, advise you to let the urethane set before driving your car. SoFind Article, now you will have a prior knowledge of these things before resorting to a company offering such repair and replacement services.

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Adriana Moore, associated with auto glass repair NSW for many years now, writes on the key steps of rear windshield replacement. She thinks it is wise to know about these things before hiring a car glass repair and replacement company.

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