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Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Lower emissions: Lower Fuel Bills-Take Action Now

Hydroxy injection system fuel systems work by using surplus electricity produced by the alternator to split water in to its two main elements, Hydrogen and Oxygen.The resulting gas is known Browns gas and was discovered by Professor Yull Brown in the early 1970's. Browns gas or HHO gas consists of 2 Hydrogen Molecules and 1 Oxygen molecule, exactly the same as water "H20"

A Taxi company from Rye in East Sussex is taking steps to lower its carbon emissions and is reaping the benefits of lower fuel bills in the process by having "Hydroxy Injection Systems" fitted to its vehicles.

The revolutionary system works by using the surplus electricity created by the alternator to split water into its 2 main elements of Hydrogen & Oxygen.

The resulting gas which is known as "Hydroxy Gas" or "Browns Gas" is fed into the engine and mixed with the air and fuel, which in turn helps the fuel burn faster and more completely whilst reducing the amount of harmful carbons created by upto 70%, therefore making the engine much more fuel efficient.

Although this system does not eliminate the need for petrol or diesel, it does help to reduce the amount of fuel consumed by around 20%, thus enable-ing the end user to recover the cost of the system reasonably quickly through the resulting fuel savings.

A director of the Taxi Company has stated:

"We are very pleased with the Hydromotion System, as we are seeing a substantial reduction in our vehicles' weekly fuel consumption and expect to recover the cost of the system installation within around 4-5 months.

Moreover with the price of fuel on the rise again it could possibly be even sooner than this. It is also very gratifying to know that we are making a real dent in our carbon foot print.

Our emissions have been slashed by almost three quarters, () and that is an incredible achievement.

Imagine if every vehicle in the country had one of these systems, it would definitely go a long way towards halting climate change."

(There are 33.5 million vehicles registered with the DVLA in the UK.)

But this does not include all of the off road heavy-plant machinery, motor boats, cruisers and yachts, along with other recreational vehicles including those used off road in motor sports etc.

"Every single one of these vehicles and means of transport contribute to the massive carbon cloud we are creating."

We can all do our bit to help lower carbon emissions by turning down everyday things such as thermostats and not leaving the lights on, or televisions, video players and other electrical items, when they are not in use.

However emerging technology like "Hydroxy Injection Systems" will surely be the way into the future if we are to make a real lasting difference to our planet.

The use of this technology has swept across the USA and Canada in the last few years, spearheaded by the ebook Water4gas. This was an internet book, claiming that you could build your own device that would allow you to run your car on water for just a few dollars. Many people thought this was just a scam, but it turns out there was an amazing amount of well thought out research behind the claims.

As people all over the world started to experiment with the 'run your car on water' technology, new and more efficient methods of creating Hydrogen from water by electrolysis came to light, which in turn has spawned a whole new breed of business's.

Up and coming companies are now using the technology to not only create systems for vehicles, but also for alternative welding systems, heating boilers, cookers and hobs, and the only emissions from these new devices consist of nothing more than water.

It has long been the belief that "Hydrogen" could well be the fuel of the future, but storage of the gas is fraught with danger as it is incredibly explosive. It corrodes most metals and is almost impossible to contain for any length of time. However creating Hydrogen from water on demand just whenever it is needed gets round all of these problems.

Who knowsComputer Technology Articles, soon we could all be cooking on gas: "Hydrogen Gas"

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Want more information about Hydrogen Systems for your vehicle, boat, plant, etc? Hydromotion South East supplies and fits "hydroxy injection system fuel systems" to cars, trucks, boats, etc. The process of electrolysis inside our cells frees the molecules from the chemical bonds which make them a liquid giving a by-product, HHO gas, which is piped directly in to the engine reducing the amount of diesel or petrol burned, saving you at least 20%.

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