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Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Max Energy – Boy Superhero

The name’s Energy, Max Energy.  Maybe his mom threw back a few too many Redbulls during the third trimester.  Maybe it’s his uncontrollable A.D.D.  Either way, Max Energy is a hyperactive, constantly moving force to be reckoned with.

It’s 2 am and everyone in the Energy household is fast asleep; everyone except Max that is.  William Energy, commonly known as Energy Bill, is awoken by loud bang downstairs.  He turns to his wife Louis and whispers, “Hey Lo, did you heard that?”    “Hear what?” she sleepily replies.      “I think someone’s downstairs.  Stay here.” Bill grabs the Louisville Slugger he keeps next to the bed and quietly tiptoes down the hall.  From the top of the stairs he can make out the faint yellowish glow from the kitchen light. CLANK!  The sound of a dropped frying pan echoes through the hall.  Bill swallows his fears and continues.  As he rounds the corner he’s met with...    “Max!!!” screams Bill.  “What on god’s holy earth are you doing!?”  Glancing around the kitchen, Bill discovers the incredible mess that his son made. The counter is overflowing with jars and bottles and boxes. A smorgasbord of dripping ice cream gallons, doughnut boxes, and empty candy wrappers pollute the room.    “Hi Dad!  I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d make myself a little snack!” exclaims Max, whose face is plastered with powdered sugar, chocolate syrup, and ice cream. Max has a horrible sweet tooth.      “Well eating all that gosh darn junk food isn’t going to make to sleep any better!”Max knew this, but what Bill didn’t know was that his son was a super hero, Max Energy.  When your cats stuck in a tree, who do you call?  Max Energy.  When his mom can’t find her car keys, who does she call? You got it.  When an international jewel thief is on the prowl, who do you call?  Well probably the CIA, but still, Max is one helpful guy.  If superpowers were determined by good intent, he’d be unstoppable.Maxes latest nemesis is Rodger Wallington.  Rodger should be in 6th grade, but due to his horrible attitude and blatant disrespect for everyone at school, his teachers thought it would be wise to hold him back a year – to let him mature before entering middle school.  Actually, this was a terrible idea.  It made him even angrier and he took it out on everyone that got in his way. The next day at recess, Max is enjoying his usual snack power pills, a pack of gummy gushers, when all of a sudden he hears a scream from the kickball field.  “I’m not gunna go get it!”    “You kicked it Rodger, just go get it,” pleaded Suzy Pinkerton.    “What are you gunna do?  Tell on me?” Suzy could feel the tears welling up as her eyes glassed over. “ Awe, you gunna cry?  Should I call the Whambulance?”      “Hey!  What’s the matter?” asks Max as he runs over.    “Rodger came over and punted our ball into the bushes,” Suzy managed to spit out.    “Don’t worry, I’ll go get it!” says Max as he takes off running.  The problem was that the bushes were on the other side of a stream.  A stream that happened to be 4 feet deep and bordered the enter field.  Max ran up and down the stream, looking for a section narrow enough to jump across.  “There,” he thought as he spotted a part of the stream that pulled in just enough that he might be able to make if he gives it his all.  He takes off running, full speed ahead, and with all of his energy he leaps across the river and just makes it to the other bank.  Phew, that was close.  Frantically scours the area for the ball, making sure not to be seen by any teachers.  Students weren’t allowed across the river.  Up ahead, stuck in tree branches, Max spots the bright red kick ball; but it’s out of his reach.  He grabs a stick to knock it free. The ball falls down, hits a rock, and bounces into the water.  He knew what he had to do.  Without a hesitation, Max plunges into the water, grabbing the ball. But now he was caught in the river’s pull, flowing fast with current.  He starts kicking and paddling; so fast that he actually starts to swim upstream! When he finally makes it back to Suzy he is soaking wet.    “Thanks Max Energy!  You’re the best,” Suzy said with a smile on her face.  As she leans in to give him a peck on the cheek the bell rings.    “Well I guess we better get going.”  Being a Super hero isn’t easyScience Articles, but someone’s gotta do it.

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Unfortunately, being a super hero doesn’t pay the bills.  So Max decided to start his open company, Discount Max Energy, which makes Discount Superchips Programmer – a product that makes you car perform at its best, just like Max. – Mike Rosania

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