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Monday, April 6, 2020
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The safety of the domestic automotives electronics

  Again, look at the after-sales service. The machine is a dedicated electronic products, we all know, electronic products have a life cycle and lifes

Both the "listening" and "see" the needs of navigation, a dedicated machine the most heavyweight features can not be ignored, Europe and China "Masters Series" with 3D Virtual map of the city (first-tier cities), the whole territory of dead ends, the road network system is a solid basis, the number of large and POI number reached 20 million, similar navigation products; set top UI design incremental update, and touch operation, universal search is equal to a more intimate "European Chinese service "and 2D, 3D, Hawkeye and other navigation map, to find a place coupled with a variety of methods, to avoid congested roads and other meticulous and thoughtful user-friendly features, really makes people put it down.

    Again, look at the after-sales service. The machine is a dedicated electronic products, we all know, electronic products have a life cycle and life, in the use of the process, even if the quality of the product no matter how good, there could be problems of one kind, the key is a good product of years of problem than the average product to be extended, after-sales service for the dedicated machine is not fail to mention an important part of. Previous paper, the author once said that Europe and China, the product is equivalent to buy an insurance policy  Small manufacturers, suppliers out a problem at any time may be closed to leave, consumers want to complaints nowhere. These informal vendors pay attention to his reputation, focus on service. Take Europe China is, it is the first company to make the cities of the establishment of branch offices and flagship store, factory, and also the first to advocate the purpose of 80 km and two hours of service, and now, Europe and China have been established throughout the country from the industry's largest network up to the highest level of technical service team, consumers buy Europe and China, you can enjoy VIP-level service protection.

    Choose a special machine experience, there are many, I start a dedicated machine friends to give you ready at the last piece of advice: car special machine in order to enhance their driving safety and driving pleasure, must not blind pursuit of immediate economic interests, desire for short small favors, biased or sales staff, tinkering with the unknown products, when the machine when problems arise, do not know who are going to repair, looking for who is going to rights. Recommend that consumers choose the regular manufacturers of products for its own sake.

With China's rapid economic development, luxury cars from the late 20th century into the large cities, the popularity of supplies, our first thought was popular in the automotive era security issues, Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality. we will be talked about today is the derivative of the vehicle safety issues automotive electronics safe one.

    The real development of automotive electronics and security industry in the 1960s. The U.S. Congress in 1966, the Senate and both houses of Congress passed the National Traffic and automobile safety law ", is the world's first promulgated by the State, implement and lead to widespread attention on vehicle safety laws and regulations.

    Mentioned in today's automotive safety, we will think of what  The first thought may be a lot of riders airbags, anti-lock device (ABS) With the development of electronic technology applied to the car on the development of automotive electronics Assist System (BAS)Find Article, electronic braking systems (EBS) and the driving force adjusting device (ASR). Use of new materials and sensor technology are also automotive safety above widely used. For example: the intelligent headlamp to improve the factor of safety of driving at night.

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