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Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Tips to Conserve Fuel

Itís times like these when everyone is looking for ways to save money. This is especially true when it comes to our cars. While many consumers are holding on to their cars to save a buck or two, rather than buying a new car, there are other ways to save some fuel, time, and cash as well.

First, donít spend time warming up your car in the morning. This may be helpful in winter months, but since weíre currently in Spring and heading into Summer, warming up is not necessary. By forgoing this routine, you will be able to save time and fuel.

Pay more attention to your driving behavior. Donít accelerate too fast, pass cars, or speed. In addition, donít slam on your brakes when you need to stop. Instead, take your foot off the gas early and slow down. By maintaining slow speeds and moderate acceleration, you are helping to conserve fuel.

Your air conditioning system is a common source of wasted fuel. Luckily, there are alternatives! Instead of clicking the A/C on, try using just the air vent to stay cool. Los Angeles Honda Service recommend opening the window or sunroof to get fresh air in.

You tires play a big role in fuel consumption, believe it or not. If your tires or under inflated or over inflated you may be impairing aerodynamics and increasing friction when your tires hit the ground - both of which will increase fuel consumption. To find the proper tire pressure of your vehicle, Richmond Tire Center suggests consulting your ownerís manual or along the front driver side door.

In addition to changing your driving behavior, change where you drive to. Instead of making several errands throughout the day, combine errands and short trips whenever possible. Take short cuts and get to all your destinations in a single block of time.

Consider alternate means of transportation. New Jersey Mercury dealers know that itís difficult to pull yourself away from your vehicle, but to conserve fuel costs you may want to consider car pooling or even riding a bike to get to a nearby destination.

Donít store unnecessary weight in your vehicle. Added weight means your car has to work harder to move it. In fact, Richmond Collision Center says that for every 500 pounds your car is burning an additional two to five miles per gallon. Remove any unnecessary items in your truck and stay as light as possible.

A dirty air filter can hinder performance and increase fuel consumption. Spark plugs are also important in maximizing efficiency. Donít put off replacing these relatively inexpensive engine components.

Lastly, if you want to get rid of that gas-guzzling SUV or pickup truck, consider a used hybrid. Pre-owned hybrids at Used Cars Boston have lower price tags than new hybrids, but can still provide more that 40 miles per gallon in many instances. Plus, with government rebates availableBusiness Management Articles, a used hybrid is an outstanding value overall.

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Joe Kent is a writer for TK Carsites, an automotive website design and marketing firm in Orange, CA, that specializes in working with car dealers nationwide.

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