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Friday, December 6, 2019
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Business Letters

†Business letters are widely used to communicate messages amid organizations, customers, or clients and with other parties. The layout of the business letter depends on the rapport between the concerned business parties. However, there is a general format to write business letters.

This general format includes following a left block format. While writing a business letter incorporate important points such as senderís address, inside address, date, salutation, bodyline, message, closing part and signature. Along with the signature, a letter needs to disclose the post of the sender. Some business letters include optional information such as reference, enclosures, CC (carbon copy receivers) and reference initials.

Format of Letter in Brief:

If the letterhead has companyís address printed over it, then there is no need to mention the address inside the letter. If not, then write the return address inside the letter, so that the receiver can know where to send the reply. Leave one line after including the date.

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Inside address refers to the address of the recipient. It rests on the right hand side of business letters. It has to include the name of the receiver and their companyís name. If people are unsure about the position of a recipient, then simply leave a blank space. Once more, leave a line and start with salutation.

Salutation includes titles such as dear Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. or Dear or Respected director of organization or to whomsoever it concerns. Place a colon following salutation. Leave a line after salutation. Subsequent to salutation comes the bodyline that comprises of subject. Subject or heading makes the reader become aware of the actual content of the business letter. Leave one line after the subject line and start with the message.

The body of business letters has to contain the description of the message in brief by including short paragraphs. Again, skip one line after writing the body of the letter. Conclude the business letter with a closing line. Closing line lets the recipient know that, the sender has finished with the letter. It ends with phrases such as sincerely, thank you, faithfully and sincerely yours. Place a comma after closing and note that, the first word of closing has to be in capital letter.

Below the closing line, include the name of sender in printed form. Leave three or four lines after closing. Within this space, senders have to include their signatures. Senders need to sign in either black ink or blue ink.

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If a business letter comprises of other documents, then draw readerís attention towards it by including enclosures. If a third person has written the letter on behalf of the sender, then include the initials of the original sender followed by the initials of the typist.


The language of business letters have to be accurate and crisp. Since, readers have limited time and they immediately want to get to the bottom-line. It is best to write clear and precise business letters. FinallyArticle Search, proof read the letters thoroughly after their completion.

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