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Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Call Forwarding Numbers Are Essential for Answering Services

In order to identify their clients an answering service uses call forwarding numbers.† These numbers are unique to each client and allow the call center to handle multiple accounts.

One of the most frequent questions asked to an answering service or call center is "How do you know who the telephone call is for?" The process of identifying a call is done with the use of a call forwarding number. When a company chooses to use an answering service or call center they are assigned a call forwarding number. The call forwarding number is the telephone number that the answering service uses to identify who the phone call is for. A unique call forwarding telephone number is assigned to each individual customer. Usually each individual client has their own identity with the answering service.

Generally the telephone company assigns a block of direct inward dialing (DID) numbers to the call center. The call center then assigns each individual client with their own DID number. A client then activates the answering service by taking their own business number, and call forwarding that number to the pre assigned number given to them by their answering service. Each time the client receives a phone call, the call is then transferred to the call center. When the phone rings at the call center, the particular DID Line send a Dual-tone multi-frequency signal (DTMF) to an operatorís computer terminal. This generates a screen pop that sends voice and data to the answering service operator. The DTMF is used to send a signal over analog telephone lines, known as trunks. The DTMF reads the last four digits of the DID number and corresponds with a DTMF signal to indicate who the call is for.

In some answering service environments, the service uses only one call forwarding number shared by every customer. These call centers use a different method to identify who each call is for. These services us a form of Automatic Number Identification (ANI) Technology. For use in a single number answering service, Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) is used for identification purposes. While this method is becoming very popular, eliminating the need and cost of DID Lines, it is also more prone to switching errors. Often times nationwide answering services experience difficulty in receiving the DNIS information.

The call forwarding number is the core of every telephone answering service model. Often times clients utilize the call forwarding number as their office identity. This saves money on the high cost of installing and maintaining a phone line. Regardless if the client transfers their own line to the call forwarding number or uses that number as their identityFeature Articles, that number is the first step in establishing the answering service relationship.

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