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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Common Mistakes To Be Avoided In Modern Paintings

There is no doubt that people have shown great liking to the modern art. Modern art paintings are in preferable for the collectors but still a general evaluation of these suggests that these lack somewhere.

There is no doubt that people have shown great liking to the modern art. Modern art paintings are in preferable for the collectors but still a general evaluation of these suggests that these lack somewhere. This doesnít apply to the general mass but a majority of these are affected by the modern materialistic approach.

This applies to all including the abstract art paintings as well. Modern artists do everything to make the best paintings but just to win over others. This doesnít allow them to focus on some of the common mistakes that they create.

Major problems which should be avoided in modern paintings

Before carrying on with the biggest mistakes that modern painters commit, it is important to keep in mind that this doesnít mean that all painters commit all these but atleast one to several of these exist in almost all the artists today. No one can deny the fact that even today there are some who make the nearly perfect paintings. The big mistakes include.

Materialistic approach

Most of the modern painters focus excessively on the commercial aspect of painting. The art is to create something that your heart wants. The heart guided Modern paintings clearly make a big difference. It should not be like creating something that market demands.

This has led to a bad trend of artists following the art that has market demand irrespective of the fact whether they are gifted in it or not. Thus somehow the passion and compassion which are the soul of painting are missing.

Not eager to learn

One of the most dynamic things in this world is learning. This is a never ending process and people say that if some stops learning, he/she is dead. By this I donít mean that art can be learnt but it surely can be improved upon. Modern day artists need to make sure that learn continuously and give a better artists piece every next time. Unfortunately, some painters carry on with the old stuff just in different ways.

Trendy art and copying

Copying someone elseís art work is disastrous for future of any art. This is one of the biggest challenges that modern paintings are facing. This is harmful for a painter also as it doesnít allow the real art in him/her to come out. This also restricts the originality in the art work. It is also possible that people recognize it and hence will degrade the credibility of the painter as well.

Mixing of the idea

It is very important that the paintings have the complexity but it is equally important that there is no intermixing of the though. To put it simple, a painting should be with a thought that is expressed the most difficult way. A number of painters have this habit of increasing the complexity of the painting with multiple thoughts.

Adding too many details

This is another problem surrounding the modern art. It has to have the mystery surrounding it. To make the people appreciate their artFind Article, there are a number of artists who actually try proper explanation of their paintings by adding too many details. This eliminates the glamour of paintings because the mystery is the heart of it.

Mitigating shock in shock art

One of the fastest developments of the modern painting is the speed with which painters can draw the painting. Time limitation actually is able to take all the good in you.

This is the way where you discover how good a painter you are. But there are some painters who carry on with the same thought and use and reuse it in paintings. This mitigates the shock effect in these and also the chance to discover something new in them.

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Still today there are a number of Tali Almog and the like who have created a distinction in class, mystery and freshness in their art work. They have especially taken the abstract paintings to new heights.

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