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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Faith and Gratitude

What is Faith and Gratitude…?Faith- Confidence or trust in a person or thing, belief that is not based on proof.Gratitude- The quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.

Having Faith and GratitudeI believe that having faith and gratitude is very important. If you desire more in life, to have more, do more, BUY more, or if you just want to find your keys  , all you need to do is have faith and gratitude that you have already done these things…
I know it sounds a little hocus-pocus-y, but I mean think about it…
If you read the bible, than you know in Genesis, God SPOKE the world into existence. People are affected by the words you say to them. The world as we know it is constantly changing because of the ideas people have and the belief they have in making those ideas a reality when they TALK about them.
For instance the man who thought up the idea about sending “invisible messages” through the air was actually submitted to a psych ward by his friends because when he SPOKE about it, they thought he was crazy…
Now, we send “invisible messages” through the air on devices smaller than our hands in just a couple of seconds…Your words and what you speak are powerful!
Faith and Gratitude are EnergyWhat do I mean…?
Quantum Physics is now proving that all things at a sub-atomic level are just moving vibrations. (i.e. energy) Even our thoughts are made up of a wave of vibration. What we speak has a specific “charge”. Usually this charge comes in the form of emotion.
Emotion is simply energy in motion…
So if what you say is backed by a strong emotion, such as faith and gratitude, basically you strengthen the level of vibration of what you say. As a result, the impact of what you say is more powerful and so are the effects they have.
Faith and Gratitude affects your mindWe all have an unconscious mind. Basically our brains process millions of bits of information a day and , the average person can only consciously comprehend about 5% of that information. What happens with the rest…?
Your unconscious mind deletes, generalizes, and compartmentalizes the rest. When you focus on something, like not believing you’ll find your keys or make a lot of money with this biz, then your unconscious mind provides you with information that basically reinforces or proves that belief.
When you choose to focus on something, like finding your keys or making lots of money, and you have faith that it will  happen and in fact already has happened, and you are enormously grateful about this happening, your unconscious mind provides you with information and resources that allow for those things to manifest into reality.
Take my story for example…
It was only when I became aware that I was being negative and doubtful about finding my keys and changed my focus and became enormously grateful to God for helping me already finding my keys (faith), even though in that moment I hadn’t found them yet, did the charge of what I was thinking and saying change.
Which opened the door for my unconscious mind to provide me with the information I needed to find my keys. Then, “magically”, out of thousands of people I found the very person who had my keys!
How did this happen? Like I said, everything is energy and that person who found my keys was thinking about who those keys belonged to. When I changed my focus from never finding my keys to now being grateful for already having found them, my unconscious mind picked up on the vibration of the one person who had my keys, and led me straight to them. Wow!
That is the Power of Faith and Gratitude. Start applying this in your life today and see what happens!
To all your successBusiness Management Articles,Caitlin Russo

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