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Friday, July 19, 2019
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How do DC to AC Power Inverters Work?

This article will discuss DC to AC power inverters, paying special attention to how these devices work and what devices they can provide a source of power for.

Electronic gadgets are very often found in the cars of today, and they are most often powered using the cigarette lighter, which is more appropriately called the power port. However, as these machines get more complex and numerous, there is often a need for more elaborate devices that cannot be plugged into this port. Examples of which include LCD TVs, laptop computers, and more. If you want to power these high tech devices in your vehicle, then you are going to need DC to AC power inverters. These devices can convert direct current energy which is produced from a car battery, into alternating current energy which powers most appliances.

First of all, we will discuss what is necessary for these DC to AC power inverters to work. Cars and motor homes these days typically receive their power from a 12 volt battery; however this is not always the case. Before purchasing DC to AC inverters it is crucial that you know your vehicle’s voltage so you can buy the appropriate model. These car batteries produce what is known as DC energy, or direct current. This energy flows constantly from the negative terminal, completes the circuit, and then flows into the positive terminal. Because the power only flows in a single direction it is known as ‘direct current.’

Direct current energy is useful, but most appliances cannot use it. Therefore DC to AC power inverters are necessary to power most appliances with a car battery. These devices aren’t just used for automobiles however; another popular use for them is to convert the DC power produced by solar panels. There are even grid tie inverters which feed the power into the electrical power grid which can then be sold to power companies for a profit.

So, just how do DC to AC power inverters work? This can be a complicated process so to best understand it you should first view a 12v inverter circuit diagram. In the past, these devices worked by using an electromagnet. When the direct current energy would hit this magnet it would activate, pulling a wire to come in contact with the circuit. These devices have come a long way in recent decades however, and the most modern varieties typically use oscillator circuits to basically complete the same process. This is only a brief overview of a very complicated process which uses sine waves and square waves to create an alternating current.

When you are in the market for DC to AC power inverters the first step is to make sure you purchase a converter that matches the voltage of the vehicle’s battery. Next, take into consideration which devices you plan on using. Each device should tell you on the box how much wattage it requires in order to use it. FinallyArticle Search, you must determine the sine wave output on the DC to AC inverters.

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