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Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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How To Get Leads And Sales Even If You Have No Time To Prospect

This article discusses an ingenious methid for finding customers without prospecting and on a very limited advertising budget. Carl Davidson reveals this little known secret to lead generation withouyt cold calling or prospecting of any kind. If you wan to know how to sell, how to generate leads and how to find customers, the techques revealed in this article will surprise you. You will never cold call again.

This article explains one of the 15 ways we teach to generate all the sales you need without prospecting and without advertising. This is a very clever way to get other companies to do your prospecting for you and send you the leads and customers. We call this method joint advertising.

Find Companies That Make Lots Of Visits To Your Kind Of Customers

To use this method, you need to interest companies that make lots of visits to potential customers of your products or services. In this example, if you sell to home owners, a company that delivers to home owners would be a good choice to use. These companies have several trucks on the road that deliver propane to homes. Each truck makes about 30 deliveries per day and so every month, each truck makes about 900 visits to home owners. If the company has 10 trucks, that means they go to 9,000 homes each month and you can get them to help sell your products.

If you sell to businesses, you might want to work with a company that sells bottled water, or services photo-copiers. These companies have lots of technicians and delivery personnel going into businesses every day. They get past the gate keepers that try to stop you if you visit! They just walk right in. They are allowed to be there. They can help you get in for appointments and sales too. Best of all, this method can get sales for you in residences or in offices. It works well with any kind of sales.

Sell Them On Your Offer

The First step is to contact the owner or manager of the company you want to use for prospecting. You think of an item that they could give away to their customers to generate goodwill and you offer for these items.

We only have enough space to discuss residential sales in this article but the same principals apply to commercial and industrial sales which we will cover in other articles.

Here Are The Details

Let's assume you sell replacement windows to home owners. You contact a propane deliver company and offer to buy, and give away to their customers, free carbon monoxide alarms. Let's assume the propane company has 10 trucks that make 30 deliveries per day for a total of 300 deliveries per day per 9,000 per month. All you ask the drivers to do is to leave a card or brochure at each home offering them a free carbon monoxide alarm. All they have to do is call you and you will make an appointment to drop it off and do an evaluation of the energy losses through their current windows.

They call and ask you to come out to their home. You go to their home, do your demonstration, calculate theirenergy savings and go for a sale.

This offer creates free goodwill for the propane delivery company. The card or brochure give to home owners says something like:

"At Acme Propane, we care about our customers. To thank you for you business, we want to give you a free carbon monoxide alarm to keep you safe and a free energy audit of your windows to keep your bills low. Just call Acme Windows at 555-1212. They will come to your home, measure the energy savings you can achieve and give you your free carbon monoxide detector."

The propane company wins because they are giving a gift to their customers. Best of all, the gift costs them nothing because you pay for it. There is virtually no extra work involved for their driver to put the offer card or brochure with the invoice they leave for the customer.

This is a tremendous lead generator with no work and very little cost for the window company. Once they sell the propane company ion the idea, they just answer the calls that come in and book appointments. If the propane company is delivering to 9,000 homes every month, how many appointments will the window company receive? Let's assume a 10% rate. That would be 900 appointments per month with no prospecting!

Best of all, the cost of the alarms might be $20.00 if bought in bulk. The propane customers only get the gift if they have an energy audit and window estimate. The cost to get into the home and do a full audit and demonstration is only $20.00 plus a fee to the propane company per sale or per demonstration. Everybody wins!

This kind of program only works for a limited time, since one all the propane delivery customers have received the information, the appointments will dry up. When this happens, move on to another company or industry. You can re-institute the program with the propane company when you have a new gift and a new offer or you might re-run an offer annually.

There you have an example of how to work smarter not harder. In our exampleFree Articles, the window company gets all the appointments and sales it needs at a very low cost per appointment.

This is just one of the 15 methods we teach that can have you selling without prospecting. We hope you will try this method and that it allows you to sell and get leads without any prospecting.

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How to get leads and appointments with no cold fcat, with no prospectinh of any kind. For more information on our fully guatanteed DVD that teaches 15 ways to get sales and appointments without prospecting, visit or call 716-504-0314. Vist our blog for more free articles and tips at

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