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Monday, December 6, 2021
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How to Get Organised for Xmas

Letís make sure that this year you are really prepared for the Xmas ... Itís an ... ... ... for many people. Thereís the pressure to complete ... plan for 2002

Letís make sure that this year you are really prepared for the Xmas onslaught. Itís an interesting time...extremely stressful for many people. Thereís the pressure to complete projects, plan for 2002 and so many extra invitations. On top of that you probably have to decide on gifts and Xmas cards for your clients, suppliers, friends, family and anyone else you can think of.

And how about that long awaited and very much needed holiday you have to book? I bet youíve been looking forward to leaving home for a few days/weeks along with the rest of Australia. Come to think of it, maybe it would be easier and less stressful to stay home and relax.

If you get started now with your preparations youíll breeze through the next few weeks with minimal stress.

Getting Organised for The Silly Season

#1 What Have You Achieved This Year?

Take stock. Did you reach your goals this year?

What will you do differently next year? Write out a list of where you are now and what you want to achieve by Xmas 2002. How will you do that? Have a list of personal and business goals. Write a completion date next to each goal. (See How to Keep Your New Yearís Resolutions Vol.3.18 for further details on goalsetting).

#2 Plan and Organise Your Training for 2002

What skills do you and your team need to improve? Organise it now so you can start the New Year with a bang. Perhaps a ďGet Organised for Success in 2002Ē workshop or seminar presented by yours truly (thatís me). Youíll learn simple, easy to implement strategies, which will motivate you and the troops to take action and kick some serious butt. A great way to crank up the New Year.

#3 Plan Your Holiday

Do it now! Where are you going to go to replenish your work-worn body? Maybe you can stay at home, visit a few friends, lie on the beach and veg out.

#4 Shopping

Write a list to whom you want to send a card, gift or both. Take your list with you. Break your shopping into smaller excursions. Dedicate one lunchtime or evening looking for specific groups of people, i.e. friends, family, colleagues.

If you really want to make life easier, shop in one department store rather than spend endless hours searching the city for those elusive ďperfectĒ gifts. Gift vouchers are also a great idea. In fact they make absolute commonsense. The recipient will be able to use the voucher in the post Xmas sales and probably purchase twice as much!

Alternatively, donít leave the on-line.

#5 The Inevitable Invitations

Use a diary and enter all the festivities you intend to go to. If you receive an invitation for two parties on the same day, make an executive decision and decide which one is the most important for you to attend.

# 6 Watch the Waistline

Avoid the blimp syndrome. If youíre one of the millions who get depressed about the extra kilos you carry at this time of year, then be more selective at functions. Instead of stuffing yourself with the fattiest food ever known to mankind, choose healthier options. Keep the booze count down as well. Many careers have been damaged at Xmas functions. Make sure itís not yours.

The Final Word

Implement these simple, yet very effective ideas and youíll breeze through the silly season. Youíll be able to have a few days/weeks off knowing that you know where youíre heading in the New Year and in full control of your life.

Your body will be kept in fairly reasonable shape so you can have a head start when you embark on that inevitable fitness regimeFeature Articles, the one youíve kept putting off until Xmas has blown over.

Have a great week

Lorraine Pirihi

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