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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Improving Employee Morale Through a Worker-Friendly Culture

Promoting a work-friendly culture in your workplace is the quickest way to improve employee morale and then production and efficiency.  Follow any of these steps to get started.

There are many ways to improve employee motivation in the workplace but one of the most effective is developing a worker-friendly culture. Employees work more efficiently and productively when they enjoy the place they work and feel valued by management. There are four major ways to improve the culture in an organization: training, communication, family and socialization.

Employees who are well trained for their job are much more likely to have a good attitude. People are far more likely to have good morale if they are good at what they do. In today's rapidly changing workplace it's easy to get left behind by technology and nothing is more deflating than not being able to complete your job because your skill level is not up to the task. Plus, training let's your employees know that you value them and their contribution to the workplace and that you expect that to have a future in your company. In addition, it just plain makes business sense. Well trained employees are more productive and efficient.

Communication is vitally important to a worker-friendly culture. Make sure that you have an open-door policy with your employees. People feel valued if you take the time to listen to their opinions. Also, make sure that you actively seek communication - in meetings and even with drop-bys to their work areas. Find out what they need to make their jobs successful and take the time to get to know them personally.

For most people family responsibilities are more import than their work responsibilities. Family issues can make work extremely difficult for some people. Offering them the flexibility to deal with a sick parent or child, will go a long way towards better company morale. Offering flex time, on-site day care or several days a week to work from home will show employees you care and help you retain good employees through their difficult personal times.

Socialization is the last major way to quickly improve employee morale. If your employees get to know their co-workers socially they are more likely to like and enjoy working with them. Organize impromptu gatherings after work in addition to more formal gatherings like holiday parties and company barbecues. These parties and gatherings are a great way for you to get to know your employees personally as well. Everyone will be more comfortable with each other once they know each other better.

There are many ways to improve employee morale but the worker-friendly culture is one of the most effective. Offering employee training, free and open communicationScience Articles, flexibility in dealing with family issues and providing out-of-work socialization are some of the best ways to quickly improve your organizations culture.

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Charlie Bentson King is a writer and producer of motivational training videos for TrainingABC. TrainingABC is a distributor of motivational programs such as Celebrate What's Right with the World and Give em the Pickle.

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