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Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Is Goal a 4 Letter Word?

For some sales people and business owners, goal setting is natural; maybe for you it is something you do everyday. Other people find huge value in hiring a coach, just as Tiger Woods has 3 coaches; th...

For some sales people and business owners, goal setting is natural; maybe for you it is something you do everyday. Other people find huge value in hiring a coach, just as Tiger Woods has 3 coaches; the most successful people in the world know how they have benefited from using a coach.

But what does setting a goal really mean are you a failure if you don't succeed sure you know the answer to that but it may not be what you are thinking.

The only failure possible in a mistake is the failure to learn from the mistake. Without mistakes, crap decisions, things breaking and the whole world conspiring against people we would have no inventions No Eureka moments, would we?

So make sure you do lots of thinks, take calculated risks and most of all give your self a chance to fail at least you can learn another way not to do what you want to do.

Eddison, the inventor of the light bulb, was not immediately successful. In fact he failed lots of times and after failing nearly 10,000 times his exasperated assistant asked him if he was going to finally give up.

Looking at him perplexed, Eddison asked why he could possibly give up, after all he had now discovered 9,999 ways not to make a light bulb suffice to say, if you are reading this indoors, you know he succeeded!

So are you someone who really cares about what you want or are you one of the crowd?

We all like companions, s o we often follow the crowd!

But stop! And maybe you could reflect on the following;

  • It is the crowd that retires without enough to really live on in comfort
  • It is the crowd that never achieves financial freedom.
  • It is the crowd that sits in traffic for 3 hours a day, going to a job they don't love
  • The crowd just exists in a world where they know there is more to life but they never seem to get off the mill wheel.

I don't know if you are different, and if you want to stand out from the crowd only you know why you are reading this right now. Do you know what you wish to achieve and where you really want to go with your life?

Now back to Goal Setting is it useful? absolutely, provided you have the discipline to set the goals and take massive action towards the goal.

And also remember it actually doesn't matter if you achieve the goal, as long as you work your butt off towards achieving it, and of course changing direction if the circumstances dictate it.

So why does it not matter if you don't make or achieve you goal could I not have just done nothing? - You may ask.

The benefit of the goal is achieved when you take the action towards it it creates the unstoppable momentum that will propel you towards your passion.

Yes, go on you can do it you can take this first step.

Finally, I would like to make it patently clear that this article is not a plug for my coaching services for executives and sales people. It is intended as something to help you grow.

Whether you can do this on your own or with my help is again something you must decide for your self there is no way I could knowFeature Articles, unless you contact me and tell me you want coaching.

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This article was written by Peter Lawless, founder of 3R Sales and Marketing - For previous articles like this, visit 3R's Articles. Alternatively, subscribe to Success our free monthly Information Bulletin with sales and marketing articles.

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