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Monday, September 16, 2019
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Management of Marketing Relationship and IT

Management is the body of an organisation, which support to develop business strategy and structure. In this article you get knowledge about marketing relationship and role IT in relationship marketing. The main perspective of this article is understand marketing relationship management and role of IT factors in business marketing in present era.

Relationship marketing aims at retaining customers and satisfying the needs of the customers that marketing team get to know from the responses of their direct marketing campaigns. Relationship marketing does not have direct and prominent focus on the sales.  However the ultimate goal is to increase the sales so that revenues can be increased. Knowledge acquisition, knowledge transfer, knowledge application are the various task performed under knowledge management that helps the team to know about the requirements of the customers and provide all the knowledge about the customers. If a team which is aiming at retaining the customers with the organization for a long period knows about the customer behaviour and buying habits etc the team would be easily able to make better relations using that knowledge and can satisfy the customer. The knowledge acquired through knowledge management process by the team helps them during their interaction with the customers and such an interaction creates huge impact in terms of retention for the organization, if get success. So, in this manner knowledge management helps in better relationship marketing. The next discussion would aim at talking about the role played by the IT in the marketing of service based organizations. In the current environment of globalization, innovation, social work along with ethics has started playing important role in the success of the marketing efforts of the organizations.

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ICT and Customer Relationship Management

Bank operating in UK is appropriate demo for show the support of ICT on the customer relationship management. Royal Bank is the best example to understand this. The success of organization is highly based on their relationship with the customers. The support provided by the information and communication technology to the Royal Bank of Scotland in managing relationship with the customer is not exhaustive, however all the main aspects have been discussed to make it understand.

Basically non-profit organization consists of various constituents like donors, volunteers and beneficiaries. It is not easy to keep track of these constituents in a non-profit organization as there may be a donor and another may be a regular volunteer, some volunteer can be selective in their activities. So, it becomes challenge for the organization to keep relationship with them. ACE foundation aims providing education related to various fields with the help of various mediums. So, it is easy for them to keep track of their all records related to their beneficiaries and they possess a relationship for long time by sending those invites for further seminars or lecturers etc. In same manner, “peace one day” needs to keep track of regular volunteer of their event so that they can invite those people on their next event and can help organization in achieving their goals.

IT in Service Based Organisation:

The website of the organization is managed in such a manner that it appeals its consumers. They are using social media like face book, twitter etc to link with the consumers and promote their products among them and to get knowledge about their purchase preferences. Starbucks is also using the largest emerging technology i.e. mobile technology to manage their marketing efforts in more efficient manner. They have launched their mobile app which helps the staff of the organization and the organization both to perform their activities related to the organization. They have created a digital network as well which helps the organization in providing various online offerings and it also provides free wifi to the consumers in their stores which also helps them in attracting business meetings etc. In conclusion it can be easily stated that information technology (IT) has changed the way Starbucks use to do their marketing efforts.

A huge and live coverage of various related incidents was covered by the media in order to show the actual face of the large organizations. In spite of being the case of suppliers to the apple, the image of Apple was targeted by media to turn it down. However, Apple handled this issue strategically and implemented various policies to improve its image and was able to restore its actual brand among the customers over a certain period. It can be easily stated that published and broadcast media like TV, social mediaFind Article, internet etc play an important role in the design of ethical and social marketing policies of the organizations.


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