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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Outlook for production of electrolytic manganese powder

These areas are also rich in power resources and the price is relatively cheap. The preferential policies for the development of China's western region also created very favorable conditions for devel...

These areas are also rich in power resources and the price is relatively cheap. The preferential policies for the development of China's western region also created very favorable conditions for development of manganese powder. So manganese powder industry have a rapidly development in western China.

The development of Chinese electrolytic manganese powder and has a global maximum, but also closely related to the growing market. Manganese powder industry has an assiduously technology, engineering and technical team, starting from the actual situation of China's manganese resources, self-development, research and improve the production process and improve the production equipment, production process of existing manganese powder, with all the intellectual property rights.

In order to maintain the Chinese electrolytic manganese powder industry is sustained, stable development, Tan column suggested that the following aspects of the work should conscientiously do a good job. , Control, and planning the development and the overall size of the Chinese electrolytic manganese from manganese ore supply capacity and power to do as well as the actual situation of the market demand. China in recent years, manganese powder industry has been rapid development of production capacity almost doubled, due to the manganese powder production need to consume large amounts of manganese ore, electricity, and sulfuric acid. Excessive development has caused localized ore, electricity supply, affecting the normal production of the enterprise. At the same time should also be noted: the slow growth of international market demands for manganese powder, although the Chinese market is growing rapidly, but it will not grow indefinitely. Therefore, we must fully take into account local conditions, should be planned and the speed and scale of the development of electrolytic manganese powder.

Manganese powder production process to produce large amounts of sludge and wastewater, waste residue and waste water to varying degrees, contain harmful substances that must be addressed to meet emissions standards. Should focus on piling up the residue, wastewater should be concentrated to be addressed, can not be directly discharged into rivers. At present, most enterprises have begun to attach importance to environmental protection work, is taking various measures can be expected that the environmental protection work in the coming years will be a better solution.

Manganese enterprises should continue to rely on technological innovation, the traditional industries of high and continuous improvement of existing production processes and equipment, improve resource utilization and product quality, to further reduce production costs. Is still a need for large-scale equipment, production process automation and transformation, strict control of the ore, electricity, sulfuric acid, ammonia and other consumption.

Chinese electrolytic manganese powder industry has developed rapidly. But it is too scattered. Most of them are small businesses. There is almost no large metal powder supplier to participate in international competition Therefore, China's manganese business can adapt to the accession to the WTO needs to be busy as soon as possible to change the single enterprise in the industry, small-scale funds scattered weak competitiveness of the structural condition of a planned, systematic development of the comprehensive strength large enterprise groups, and professional high degree of backbone enterprises. Form a reasonable distribution of enterprisesScience Articles, in order to give full play to the overall superiority of Chinese electrolytic manganese powder.

There have been fluctuations in market price of manganese powder for decades. It seriously affects the development of manganese industry. There are many reasons which can explain this situation. The relative stability of price is an issue which gets common concerns. The manganese industry should work together to maintain a good market order and promote the development of electrolytic manganese industry.


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