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Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Overview about nickel ore

Nickel is a silvery-white metal, and first isolated in 1751 by the Swedish mineralogist. Because it has good mechanical strength and ductility, high temperature, and has a high chemical stability, does not oxidize in the air and other features, and is therefore an important non-ferrous metal materials, are used to produce stainless steel, high nickel alloy steel and alloy steel, widely used in aircraft, radar, missiles, tanks, ships, spacecraft, atomic reactors and other military manufacturing. 

In civilian industry, the nickel is often used to make structural steel, acid-resistant steel, heat resistant steel used extensively for a variety of machinery manufacturing. Nickel can also be used as a ceramic pigment and anti-corrosion coating, nickel-cobalt alloy is a permanent magnet material, widely used in electronic remote control, and the field of atomic energy industry, and ultrasound technology in the chemical industry, nickel powder is often used as a hydrogenation catalyst.

In recent years, in color television sets, tape recorders and other communications equipment and other aspects of nickel amount is increasing rapidly. In conclusion, as a result of nickel with excellent performance, it has become the development of modern aviation industry, defense industry and establishment of human high level of material and cultural life of modern system indispensable metal.

Nickel is a siderophile element, the content only second to silicon, oxygen, iron, magnesium, and ranks the fifth in the earth. In the core of nickel containing the highest, is the natural nickel-iron alloy. In the earth's crust iron containing nickel magnesian rocks above the silicon aluminum rocks, such as olivine containing nickel is 1000 times than granite, gabbro containing nickel is 80 times than granite.

The world's known nickel-containing minerals is more than 50 kinds. Most of them exist by sulfides, such as pentlandite, violarite free nickel sulfide form, a considerable portion of nickel in isomorphous occurs in magnetic pyrite. And nickel oxide ore, nickel laterite ore containing high silicon iron, magnesium, nickel is 1% ^2%; nickel silicate containing low silicon iron, magnesium, nickel is 1.6% ^4%. At present, the development and utilization of nickel in nickel laterite ore, which is composed of ultrabasic rock weathering evolved, nickel to nickel limonite forms.

Ni2+ has strong affinity for sulfur resistance. In early magma fractional crystallization, nickel content of certain premise, nickel enrich in the rock depends on sulfur fugacity. When there are enough sulfur, nickel and sulfur and sulfur compounds ( like arsenic, antimony ) formation of nickel sulfide, in silicate mineral crystallization front separated, forming a nickel sulfur ( or arsenic ) compounds ( such as millerite, pyrrhotite, pentlandite, nickeline, nickel arsenide, annabergite). Usually called garnierite ( i.e. garnierite from serpentine ) is similar to clay water snake and soapstone and magnesium minerals in a series of mixtures in general, oxidation conditions, some are nickel replacement. From the surveys by metal powder supplier, we know that nickel oxide is the same as nickel sulfideComputer Technology Articles, and has become the important source of nickel now.


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