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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Product Quality Management Scheme of Hot Rolled Seamless Steel Pipe

When the seamless steel pipe products meet the technical standards or customer requirements to the finished product tube to sell, and to ensure that customers seamless steel pipe quality and performance.

First of all, when the product quality problems arise, the customer will be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations to the seamless steel pipe manufacturers to claim, resulting in the reputation of the manufacturing enterprises and the economy suffered great losses. Second, although the waste pipe do not have to provide customers with product quality assurance, but the production of waste pipe not only can not make business income, but will make the enterprise losses. In addition, when the number of pipe blanks, the increase in the number of waste pipe, will inevitably lead to the reduction of the number of finished products, and even lead to the number of finished products can not meet the contract requirements, resulting in contract in the contract breach of contract, to bring greater economic loss. Finally, when the product quality problems, easily lead to the use of steel products in the process of accidents, to the user to bring some loss and harm.

Tube is the steel pipe production must be the raw material, the quality of the tube directly affects the quality of steel products. First, the tube straightness must meet the requirements of the perforation, bending more than the standard requirements of the tube easily lead to punching machine card, so not only affect the perforation of the normal perforation, affecting the production rhythm, but also affect the ring furnace tube. The heating time is prolonged, adversely affecting the quality of some steel products. Second, the slope of the tube will have some adverse effects on the perforation process. Tube slenderness is too large or the end of the irregular, easy to cause perforated capillary wall thickness uneven, thus affecting the size of the entire steel pipe accuracy. In order to avoid the impact of the quality of the tube on the quality of steel pipe products, must strictly implement the tube blank acceptance system and tube blank cutting system. It must be timely and timely inspection, found that the problem in a timely manner, not for the production of steel pipe hidden.

Tube heating is to ensure that the tube has enough plastic to complete the smooth perforation of the key process, while heating temperature and heating time on the performance of steel will have a great impact. If the heating temperature is too high or the heating time is too long, it will cause the tube to burn, decarburize and even cause the chemical composition of the steel pipe to be unqualified (the carbon content is unqualified), which is likely to cause batch quality problems and seriously affect the product qualification rate. In order to ensure the perforation of the tube perforation performance and chemical stability, the operation of the ring furnace should be strictly enforced technical procedures, often check the operation of the furnace, encounter abnormal and timely processing and record, and timely notification of follow-up positions and quality management to do a good job tracking and processing.

In order to obtain good quality capillary, the punching machine operator should regularly check whether the adjustment parameters of the punching machine have changed abnormally, whether the head surface has been worn, the guide plate wear and so on. Regular inspection of capillary diameter, diameter and length of the technical requirements. As the current head of the short service life, each wearing 5-10 hair tube after a check the use of head, each shift or parking occurs when a check guide to use the situation and found that the problem in a timely manner to avoid mass quality problems.

When the steel pipe into the cooling bed, its quality is difficult to change, the quality of the cooling bed area of the quality of steel can really reflect the actual situation in front of a number of processes. Therefore, when the quality of steel pipe in the cooling bed area abnormalities must immediately notify the former process to check the quality of the capillary or barren, to avoid abnormal quality continues to occur. In addition, when it is found that the quality of the steel pipe is abnormal, it is necessary to separately mark and isolate the steel pipe which has abnormal quality and the possibility of mass abnormalityPsychology Articles, and shall not be mixed with the qualified product to bring more quality.

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Product Quality Management Scheme of Hot Rolled Seamless Steel Pipe

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