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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Recovery system of silica fume and its practical application

In the process of smelting ferrosilicon and industrial silicon, there are micro silicon flue gases. Thousands of ferrosilicon and industrial silicon furnace can produce about annual 250,000 tons of silicon powders.

But there are only a few factories are equipped with dust removal equipments. They can only trap less than 50,000 tons of silica fumes. The rests are directly discharged into the atmosphere. They cause both pollution on environment and huge economic losses. Flue gas treatment of ferrosilicon and industrial silicon furnace and silicon powder recovery has great significance to the sustainable development of relevant companies.

Chinese submerged arc furnace is used in several dust removal system is divided into pulse bag filter system, the new ESP system and industrial silicon furnace flue gas purification and silica fume recovery system. Pulse bag filter system earlier, but after nearly a decade of ferroalloy dust removal system operation practice confirmed, pulse bag filter system is not suitable for high temperature of the smoke, fine dust, smoke and light industrial silicon furnace flue gas purification system applications. ESP system, the main component of the recycling of industrial furnace dust is silicon dioxide, its own high resistance, and thus the low electric field sensitivity, combined with micro-silica fume particle size is small of course, one-time investment of ESP less, but maintenance operating expense is high, the capital from the effect of dust and run point of view, not suitable for high temperature of the smoke, fine dust, soot and light industrial silicon furnace flue gas purification system applications.

Sack positive pressure anti-suction system, the system is recognized outside the dust of fine dust and the recovery efficiency of the highest kind of dust removal process. Industry silicon furnace flue gas purification system is both innovation and progress made on the basis of the traditional device is the latest structure of such systems. Industrial silicon smelting furnace flue gas is collected by hoods, by the chimney from the water cooling pipe, flue gas temperature from 380  to 300  or so, the flue gas pre-processor in addition to the large particles of dust and carbon-bearing dusts. By the induced draft fan the smoke air pressure into positive pressure within the filter sack, the precipitator six filter indoor silicon powders inside the bag surface trap down, purify flue gas by the dust chamber at the top of the shutters emptying. Silicon powder in the bag is cleaned under blowback fans fall into the conical hopper, cinder valve silica fume fall collection bags.

Dust emptying of the past years most of the industrial silicon manufacturers not only pollute the environment, they do not get benefits in recent years, countries have strict requirements on environmental protection, forcing the industrial silicon manufacturers to discharge standards, select the appropriate dust removal system every manufacturers are considering the important subject. Industry silicon furnace flue gas cleaning and micro-silicon dust recovery system to address not only the flue gas purification, and more importantly, the new equipment to efficiently recover high-quality silica fume. It will create high-profit for metal powder supplier.

There are several hundreds dust purification manufacturers in China. Some dust purification manufacturers use low-cost to publicize in order to compete for industrial silica fume market. But they do no actual running examples. These devices are unlikely to reach dust standards. Sometimes the silica fume quality is poor and it will cause greater losses for users. It is recommended that metal powder supplier should not only watch out for the initial investment but also the equipment performance and payback period in selection of industrial silicon furnace dust removal device. Thus the manufactures will obtain the good dust removal effect and long-term investment return.Source:

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