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Monday, July 22, 2019
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The purification of industrial silicon smelting furnace flue gas

Industrial silicon furnace flue gas treating, the current government at all levels attach great importance, is the primary problem of all the manufacturers need to solve. 

Once come to flue gas treatment, we think of advanced control technology and investment, and the problem of how to manage. Based on years production experience shows that the size of the flue gas volume has great relationship with manufacturers produce technology and manage. Enterprises with stable production technology, advanced management, their products with high quality, low consumption, good dust effect, emissions compliance. Poor management technology enterprises, products quality was poor, high consumption and serious pollution. In the production process, in addition to the device structure, control of the production operation techniques was directly affects the furnace flue gas volume. Now much people study on recycling one ton of silicon powder and fewer people study on the value of becoming one ton silicon powder in the furnace. To solve the economic technical problems of metal powder supplier, thorough treating gas, improve the economic and social efficiency, its measures are:

First, reducing the flue gas volume, improve production operation technology. Improper operation technique is the main reason to increase the amount of gas. The problem exist in most manufacturers is the furnace structure parameters do not match, high voltage, high output, overload error caused serious thorn fire power, the ratio is not strict, smelting improper caused serious thorn fire. Silicon smelting is continuously carried out under furnace submerged condition. Operation to achieve closed arc operation, timely feeding and stirring stove, adjust the charge voltage resistance and current ratio. The advantages of closed arc operation are: furnace material layer structure can form a complete system, charge sinking in turns; arc is not exposed, maintain a high furnace temperature; electrode consumption is balance and stability, to avoid electrode fracture; material surface temperature is lower, improving the utilization of furnace equipment; the amount of dust is small, can have a better furnace operating environment. No matter the size of furnace capacity is big or small, also can do closed arc operation, which is an important measure to reduce flue gas volume, improve silicon recovery, reduce consumption, solving the vicious cycle of purification between operation and smoke.

Secondly, the selection of flue gas purification device. Smelting one tons of industrial silicon produce about 2000-2600M3 flue gas, through furnace mouth flaming was mixed with a large cold air, silicon powder in the air for a long time, difficult to settle, larger than resistance, silicon with oil, the viscosity increase with temperature increases. Therefore, to purify and collect silicon powder, it is necessary to carry out secondary combustion flue gas dust removal and a series of pre-cooling and processing. 6300KVA furnace secondary combustion chamber select 25-30M3; pre-filter choose the secondary cyclone; exchanger used circulating water control; blower power choose 180-250KVA; dust catcher choose positive pressure big bag dust catcher, equipment based on practical situation, they most use non-standard parts.

Again, purification works. Use spark trapping device to combustion, collected the unburned carbon particles with a spark down, eliminating the possibility of spark burning bag, separating coarse particles from the cyclone dust, reducing the amount of dust; cooling by a heat exchanger, reducing the viscosity of silica dust, and then sent into the baghouse by blower, silica dust filter in the bag, emptying the filtered clean gas.

Finally, the investment estimation: the total investment costs include steel flue, secondary combustion chamber, heat exchanger, filter bag room, filter bag, auxiliary equipment and civil works. To 6300KVA industrial silicon furnace, it generally needs 600 thousand yuan investment, the equipments mainly a high temperature blower, a 180-250KVA power motor. Other facilities according to the actual needs, use brick structure and non-standard steelArticle Submission, the construction period is 2 months to 3 months. 8000KVA industrial silicon furnace requires an investment of 800 thousand yuan.


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