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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Resuscitate Your Payslip

I remembered last year, I'm having an intimate conversation with the immigration consulate to Canada, and then she told me one fact that has haunted my young mind forever.

I remembered a year ago, I was having an intimate conversation with the immigration consulate to Canada, and she told me one fact that has haunted my young mind forever.

“The poverty line right now is at 35, 000 pesos. In case your monthly income falls below that line, you happen to be already considered poor.”
It had become by far the most alarming reality I’ve heard, but that was the mouth of reality taking a bite at me. The reality that I have been employed by the last six years finally hit home; that I'm still undeniably poor as my monthly income did fall below that line. Looking at the mound of payslips I've collected from those years of working, I began to wonder where my money went, and I got furious I've wasted a lot of it for absolute junk.
There is certainly just too much gunk in our life that individuals must clean; unnecessary whims and impulse purchases that never bring security to that desired financial stability. You can start redirecting ourselves and incorporate financial planning with our future goals. By following the information produced by various financial advisers, we are able to simplify their insights into three initial pointers that will jumpstart our strategy to a limitless financial pool.

- Aim for a Debt-Free Life. At this moment, commit to clear your debts and to stay away from temptations that may degrade your credit score. Write this on a piece of paper when necessary, and make this as your mantra. These are the traps that we young professional’s usually traipsed into, and simply in case you have cleared any outstanding balances pending under your name could you then have mobility with all your money.

- Always follow your budget. Bring persistence for your ambition of financial freedom by prioritizing only the things that is important and practical. That expensive cute scarf you saw in the mall? Forget it. When it's out of your budget, forget about it. A little bit of sacrifice and tough willpower will be your stronghold, and by staying firm in saying “No,” you will make a huge difference between what you want as well as what you need.

- Increase your income. You heard me right. Get another job by having a higher pay, and also a part-time job apart from your full-time gig. At this point, when you are still young, make use of your youth well. Don’t let a lazy attitude ruin your way of life. Remember, when you invest young, you have additional time to grow.
What those financial gurus’ kept on saying was absolutely the truth, that the root of all evil is not money but poverty. As a yuppie living on my own for about a decade, I have learned one valuable lesson: You are never too young to gain financial freedom and you are never too late to start.
And this is what we always remind to everybody as well as our people in Truly Rich Club:

“Do not blame other people for your financial problem. Take full responsibility of your financial life, thereby giving you the power to solve them.”


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