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Saturday, April 20, 2019
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The Secret to Huge Profits – Split Testing

In the market today a fully optimized website can be the difference between rising to the top of your niche and wallowing in obscurity. When I say website optimization what I mean is split testing to ...

In the market today a fully optimized website can be the difference between rising to the top of your niche and wallowing in obscurity. When I say website optimization what I mean is split testing to ensure that your site is dialed in to the purchasing response of your traffic. Split testing is the key to going from zero to hero.

In our virtual world new online businesses are popping up faster than the blink of an eye. Actually in the blink of an eye a few dozen new businesses may start up.

Most people who start a new business get a sale or two and then decide to sit back and wait for the cash to start rolling in. Guess what? For most of them it never does.

It never does because they think all they have to do is throw a page up online and that’s it. And when the sales don’t happen they think that making money in with their own online business is a pipe dream. They couldn’t be further from the truth.

To ensure that a business is going to make it there is a process that is on going that must be done sometimes daily in order to succeed. The process that I am talking about is split testing.

Split Testing Exposed

To start a successful business or increase the amount of money made from an existing business you must test your page and the elements of it. If one thing does not work then try something else.

Split testing is the process of breaking down your page into elements and testing different variations of each to discover what combination results in the best sales conversions.

Elements include everything from the sales copy, page colors, fonts, graphics, order buttons and much more. Just about anything on your page can and should be tested for the best results.

The Importance of Split Testing

The importance of split testing can never be stressed enough because it has a direct effect on the income potential of your site. Tuning your site by observing the behavior of your prospects might sound complicated at first but when you break it all down to nuts and bolts it is simply the process of comparing the success of one element to another.

The importance lies in the fact that once you get the hang of it and can dial your site into the habits of your prospects your income can improve dramatically.

How Split Testing Can Improve Income

Lets imagine that your site is up but not really generating conversions. Begin split testing by changing the headline to determine if sales improve. You can even test multiple versions of the headline to discover which converts the best.

Test different elements of the site to find the combination that boosts conversion rates the most. A well-designed site that is easy to navigate, with a captivating headline, nice color scheme, crisp fast loading graphics, and powerful copy is going to produce income many times better than one that lacks these improvements.

Split testing can seem daunting and some people never seem to develop the knack to getting it rightBusiness Management Articles, but not to worry you can actually outsource split testing and avoid the headache all together. A professional split tester could quickly and easily find the combination that rockets your business into higher profits.

Testing the elements of your site for improved conversion is a basic process of business that can be used in both online and offline businesses. A professional split testing service can make the process painless and speed results.

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Jeremy Reeves is a conversion rate specialist who does conversion rate optimization for his clients, who have made millions of dollars in extra profit because of his strategies. To get a FREE calculator to discover how much money you're currently losing due to poor conversions, go to

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