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Monday, October 21, 2019
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What Businesses Benefit from Call Centers

With many businesses using automation and voicemail as a solution for their inbound communication problems, this technology is only part of the larger solution. There is no substitute for live communications and an answering service can offer businesses an affordable way to integrate this into their overall communication protocol.

Despite the increased prevalence of computers in all aspects of our lives, successful companies understand there is no substitute for real human interaction.

Emergency Service Contractors use Call Centers for Dispatch
The sorts of businesses that continue to operate frequently provide some sort of emergency service. For example, locksmiths get calls at all hours because, some way or another, people are locked out of their homes or cars at all hours. When an apartment building''s air conditioning suddenly stops one night in the middle of August, you can be sure an HVAC company somewhere is going to be contacted. When a pipe bursts in the basement of a home, the homeowner will certainly start calling around looking for a plumber who can come out and fix the growing problem.

Put simply, companies that provide services in the middle of the night need a way for their customers to get a hold of them. These companies, in turn, need to be able to dispatch their service techs as well. For this reason, many use call centers for receiving customer calls and subsequently dispatching staff to their location. This sort of service can be as simple as patching the caller through to an on-call employee, but can also provide a more extensive service that will take a credit card deposit by phone, enter dispatch information into a company''s system, and much more. A good live-operator call center company is able to provide customer-configured service.

Medical Offices use Call Centers for Assisting Patients with their Healthcare
A classic user of call center services, especially answering service support, is the medical field. For decades, doctors, nurses, dentists, and more have been using answering service support for taking patient calls after hours. These physicians and specialists benefit from Call Centers because they are free to concentrate on their patients, with the knowledge that incoming calls will still be answered. These physicians frequently decide to have our operators contact their on-call staff and patch out emergency calls.

Medical offices also use call centers for setting appointments. This is a great option because the operators can process appointments around the clock. In addition, the appointment books are updated in real time, allowing the call center operator to provide the caller with a number of available options for appointments. This is a great improvement over the back-and-forth that comes with only having voicemail. After an appointment has been set, we can alert your office by email that a new appointment has been set. Our call center staff also provides appointment reminder service for calling patients the day beforehand.

E-Commerce Companies and Merchandisers use Call Centers for Telephone Order Taking
It is surprising how many companies allow their customers to place orders by telephone despite the growth of ecommerce and internet shopping. Although a majority of customers do not mind ordering online, enough prefer to order by phone that it be worth it for many businesses to offer this service. Most times, instead of handling this task in-house, companies usually employ an outside Call Center service to take the orders for them. This is especially easy to set up and use if the business already has a functioning ecommerce site. The operators would simply go onto the web, add the correct items to the shopping cart, and checkout using the customer''s payment and shipping information.

For companies that do not have ecommerce sites but do make use of printed catalogs, a live operator-managed call center service could save money and aggravation. For example, imagine an industrial parts company that has thousands of individual items. For decades, they have been sending their customers a large, paper catalog. The customer finds what they need and fills out an order form. Of course, this method of ordering seems very dated in the 21st century, but digitizing a catalog with hundreds of pages is a massive project that takes time to complete. An interim solution might be to offer operator-based ordering to the customers. Instead of filling out an order form and faxing or mailing it in, customers can call a toll free number and order from a professional call center rep.

Businesses use Call Centers for Lost Asset Recovery
Oftentimes companies have hundreds of pieces of equipment that is used on jobsites or taken on the road. For example, electrical contractors use a number of tools when working at a location. After the job is completed, a worker might leave a tool behind. Although many companies have taken to writing their main phone number on their equipment with a permanent marker, they may not always have someone answering that line. In addition, callers might be less likely to call a number if it is from out of the area. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a toll free number attached to a line managed by a live call center operator. This operator can give the caller instructions on what to do with the found item and contact your office with the specifics on how to retrieve it.

Lawyers use Call Centers for Marketing Campaigns
Chances are you have seen billboards advertisements of legal services at one time or another while driving down the highway. Similarly, you may remember television commercials between your favorite programs that promote attorney assistance of some sort. These advertisements always feature a toll free phone number for you to call in order to receive more information and possibly schedule a consultation. The most popular way that law offices accommodate the high volume of calls resulting from these advertisements is by utilizing a call center.

Call centers answering calls for law offices typically greet the caller and then ask a series of questions in order to qualify them as a prospective client. Law offices these days have become increasingly specialized and, when they are running an advertisement, they target specific groups of people. For example, an injury attorney might be targeting those who have been injured in an auto accident, at work, or those who have slipped and fallen at a place of business. Others target those harmed by pharmaceuticals or subpar medical care. By asking a series of questions, a call center can identify those who would benefit most from a specific group''s legal services.

Managers use Call Centers for Keeping Track of their Staff
Oftentimes, managers have trouble managing even their own staff when the job calls for traveling to different locations. A perfect example of this is the security industry. When a business hires a security company to provide protection for their facilities, assets, or individuals, the security company typically sends out one or more staff to provide this service. Once the staff members are on location, there are frequently issues with checking in. Unlike clocking in at a retail store, factory, or warehouse ? those who work on-location have no time clock with which to punch in.

A Call Center solution to this problem includes providing operators with a list of who should be working, where they should be working, and the number of a landline phone at that location. At the beginning of their shifts, each staff member can call a toll free number and check in with the operator, who verifies the landline phone number to confirm they are, in fact, where they should be. After every staff member has checked inHealth Fitness Articles, the operator contacts their manager and lets them know if there were any issues or if someone has checked in late or not at all. This service also supports calls reporting security issues and other problems.

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