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Monday, October 18, 2021
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Why So Much Disrespect?

Corruption in business and life is rife throughout the world. Letís pick one aspect to illustrate this point, cyber space. On the internet, in other words. We see evidence of corruption with charlatan...

Corruption in business and life is rife throughout the world. Letís pick one aspect to illustrate this point, cyber space. On the internet, in other words. We see evidence of corruption with charlatans in nearly every country cheating people through money scams, credit card fraud and steeling peopleís identity just to mention a few.

Regardless of whether it is murder or fraud in fact people wonder why it is that some manage to get away with their crimes. Even the authorities and police are perplexed as to how criminals receive lenient sentences in order to pay back society for their crimes.

On the other hand, and an element a little closer to home, many people donít really understand why our children, the young future business and political leaders of our country, are so undisciplined with no respect for authority or the elderly, to mention the negative way parents are treated by them their own flesh and blood.

Why is this so? One answer begins with small insurgents that try and in a great number of cases succeed, in influencing the majority to conform to their way of thinking. These include laws and groups who set hard and fast rules as to what parents are allowed to do in rearing children.

Rules beg questioning if they work or if they are the best for families. There are many different ideas and opinions about how you should rear your child and which is the right way? The general consensus suggests child rearing is getting worse so the present rules canít be working.

Society has been influenced by small groups who have influenced larger groups that you should never smack a child to discipline. If you do discipline your child especially in public, you canít help but question yourself on how on lookers view you. Questions like:

Are they going to report you to the authorities because they think you have over reacted in a certain situation?

What will happen to me if Iím seen disciplining my child?

I was out for a run recently with my young son. He didnít really want to go but did so reluctantly. Along the way he was complaining out loud that I wouldnít wait for him. He was saying things like, you donít love me, you treat me badly, Iím exhausted. I canít go on. I canít breathe, even though we had only just begun the run.

The first thought that came to my mind was what if a neighbour heard him saying these things they may think it was child abuse. Donít scoff. The funny thing about it is that if I was reported, the authorities would have a legislative obligation to investigate.

This just illustrates how gullible many people are. They have strong opinions about not wanting crime and disrespect in our society but wonít do anything about it. They want the government or the authorities to fix it without wanting to take personal responsibility themselves.

Societies first started to breakdown when we were first told that you couldnít hit your child. People were encouraged to promote rewards instead of discipline! Lets reward, not hit and the greatest mistake of all, show them trust and they can be trusted.

We live in a world that would rather reward people who receive uncertain results rather than entertain that you get better results if you use some form of pain to increase the gain. Pain works in other ways such as the gym. Everyone knows to gain, you have to experience a little pain. The great athletes of the world know that without pain there is little gain.

So why is it that we donít take the same action when it comes to rearing our future leaders? I believe itís easier not to discipline and reward instead of punish. We eagerly use society and family pressures and are not accountable for our own actions that have made us a society of wimps willing to use excuses at every turn.

Business is no different. Everything Iíve mentioned here can be applied to business. You can be influenced by those [generally non performers who sell you the idea of how great they are doing but who are close to going broke] who ask you to buy their products to make you great or do a course to change your life. Be prepared to suffer the consequences if you donít investigate properly.

Letís do more, be more, take on the responsibility for our actions and stand up and be counted for our self respect and respect for our future, businessFree Reprint Articles, country and families.

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