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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Why Tatwax Original Soothing Balm is the Best Tattoo Aftercare Solution?

Did you know petroleum jelly was a primary product for tattoo aftercare? However, times are changing, and there are many products out there to ensure better healing. Let us find out why Tatwax Original Soothing Balm is one of the best available options today.†

With proper aftercare, a tattoo becomes a piece of art!

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among the current population. Tattoos are not only more affordable than in the past, but they are also faster to heal. The chances of infections are also far less than before. The popularity of tattoos is often a result of rising professional tattoo artists, better tattoo ink products, and superior tattoo aftercare.

One of the essential tasks after getting a tattoo is its proper care. With adequate care and efforts, a tattoo truly becomes a piece of art. But why is tattoo aftercare so crucial? The process of tattooing is not simple. The tattoo needles puncture the skin several times in a minute to get the ink into the layers of the skin. This procedure causes damage to the skin and requires sufficient time to heal. For faster healing, tattoo artists recommend moisturizing the skin and keeping it clean.

In addition to regular cleaning with anti-bacterial and unscented soaps, it is essential to use moisturizers and healing balms to take care of the tattoo and the skin. It is the most crucial step for getting better color and lasting design. Several artists recommend using petroleum jelly while the skin is still in bandages. And, a few suggest using it even after you remove bandages. However, modern research and informed artists are against the idea of using petroleum jelly.

Why should you not use Petroleum Jelly for Tattoo Aftercare?

Petroleum jelly is a common household item. It is a part of the medicine box in several homes, and people use it for various purposes such as burns or rashes. However, the by-product of the oil drilling process is not the safest option for tattoos. Let us learn why:

1. Many tattoo artists believe petroleum jelly adds moisture to the skin and thus, heals the dryness. However, when you apply petroleum jelly on the skin, it leaves a greasy layer on your body. Skin does not absorb it completely, and thus, it creates a barrier that restricts air and moisture from the environment to help with the healing process.

2. Petroleum jelly sits on the surface and does not let water enter the skin. It is sticky, so it attracts dirt as well. The situation creates a problem when you want to clean the tattoo with soap. You may have to use unnecessary force to remove the jelly. It will lengthen the healing process and damage the skin more. Additionally, it can also affect the color of the tattoo.

3. Unclean skin with sticky petroleum jelly can become a breeding ground for bacteria and cause infections. Although not all petroleum jelly users report skin infections, it is wise to seek alternatives and ensure safe tattoo aftercare.

How Tatwax Original Soothing Balm ensure Faster Healing of Tattoos?

Started in 1999, the Tatwax brand is more than two decades old. The company offers top-of-the-line tattoo aftercare products that are breathable and ultra-moisturizing for faster healing. Let us investigate why the brand is rising the ranks of popularity among tattoo artists and why you should give it a chance.

Available in two sizes, the Tatwax Original Soothing Balm is the prime choice of tattoo professionals. You can buy 1 oz. Tatwax Soothing Balm or opt for the larger 8 oz. Tatwax Original Soothing Balm for your tattoo salon. Tattoo professionals choose the product because it keeps the needles clean during the tattooing process and helps with faster healing later.

1. Tatwax Soothing Balm is manufactured in the USA. It includes all-natural ingredients, and it is free from free of lanolin, alcohol, and petroleum.

2. It does not clog the pores and allows for maximum oxygen availability to aid proper healing.

3. You can suggest the tattoo aftercare product to your clients to reduce skin irritation and itchy-flaky skin.

4. Tatwax Original Soothing Balm does a great job keeping the skin soft and supple for a long time.

5. It does not have any fragrance. And so, it will not cause any discomfort such as headaches and nausea.

To promote faster healing of the skin and achieve a better-looking tattoo, you can use the specially-created Tatwax skincare film. Available in two different sizes: Tatwax Protective Aftercare Film 8" x 10 yards and Tatwax Transparent Tattoo Aftercare Film 6" x 5.5 yards, the product creates an anti-bacterial layer protecting the skin from friction. Because it is waterproof, it will block contaminants from entering the wound and help in avoiding infections. It is a far superior choice to plastic wrap.

Tatwax tattoo aftercare products are popular among tattoo artists because they do not contain petroleum. Thus, they reduce skin inflammation and repair skin quickly. Tatwax Original Soothing Balm is also a better option than dry tattoo healing. It is because eliminating the moisturizer will not prevent itching and flakiness of the skin.

Tattoos are beyond an expression of art. They are a type of clinical procedure where the tattoo ink enters the skin. Hence, it is essential to take adequate care of the tattoo to promote quicker healing. SoBusiness Management Articles, make sure you recommend the best products to your clients and prioritize their well-being.

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Buy Tatwax Original Soothing Balm for better tattoo aftercare and faster healing. Choose Tatwax Protective Aftercare Film to protect the skin from contaminants and ensure the health and happiness of your tattoo clients.

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