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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Cheap Phones Disasters, Can Too Few Frequencies Doom Your Phone Reseller Business?

To some, the signals provided to cell phones are the advent of science-fiction coming to life from the pages of their favorite fantasy novel. In reality, cell phone signals are simply the utilization ...

To some, the signals provided to cell phones are the advent of science-fiction coming to life from the pages of their favorite fantasy novel. In reality, cell phone signals are simply the utilization of modern technology to decipher mobile frequencies. In order for a cell phone to work, it must pick up one of the four signals that are utilized throughout the globe.

Yes, there are four distinct main frequencies used throughout the world with two being commonplace in the United States and the other two being more common in other parts of the world. What are these four frequency bands? They are:
* 850 MHz
* 900 MHz
* 1800 MHz
* 1900 MHz

Certain phones work on certain frequency and are incompatible with other frequencies. That means a phone that works in one part of the world may not work in another one. For those that love to travel, this can create a major quandary. Seriously, would you have to purchase a completely new phone when you travel to a new region? Not it you purchase phones that are able to receive and work with multitudes of frequencies.

Remember, people always are looking to purchase cheap mobile phones because it is possible to get a great phone at a great price. They will scour auction sites such as eBay for great deals which is why you should always look to expand your reseller business on eBay. Just be sure to maintain a solid reputation as this will boost business potential tremendously. These phones fall under the heading of quad band phone, a tri band phone and a dual band. What are the differences between the three? Take a look:

* Dual Band Phone: Combines two different frequencies. Common dual bands would be a GSM 850/1900 designed to work in North, Central, and South America; a GSM 900/1800 which can work in Africa, Asia, and Europe; and a GSM 900/1900 which can, potentially, work anywhere in the world.

* Tri Band Phone: This phone will combine three of four frequencies which means it will generally work throughout the globe although there may be some blackout spots depending upon the specific three frequencies are being employed.

* Quad Band Phone: Works with all four frequencies.

Clearly, if you are a reseller of dual band and tri band phones you might run into a little trouble with your customers when their phones donít work in their local region. Donít worry though. You can always take proper measures to protect yourself when sourcing and selling phones. The first step would be to log the specific frequencies of the phones that you are purchasing. Then, perform the research as to which regions of the globe the phones will work in.

In general, your orders will only come from those areas you are specifically targeting your advertisements. Stocking up on the appropriate phones with matching frequencies would be the right way to go. If there are any parts of the world you know the phones wonít work, you might want to list you do not sell to such regions due to compatibility issues.

Adding a disclaimer that states the frequency, a notice of compatibility, and a travel advisory would be recommended. Readers should perform a little research into the frequencies of the phones so as to compile the proper marketing and disclaimer strategy.

RememberFree Web Content, people love to purchase cheap phones to save on costs. They scour online auction sites such as eBay to find great deals which opens many opportunities for resellers. Just be mindful that you want to protect your seller reputation. Understanding which frequencies you offer and providing disclaimers can boost your success in maintaining your businessí reputation.

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