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Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Laptops are maybe a Reason for Increasing Data breach

Computer had been revived a lot since it was invented. The computer got cheaper, smaller thinner and faster. It has amazing history. But, as everything has some pros and cons, computers in shape of slim and light laptops have a big threat to lose data as they are easy to be carried away by the thieves.

As the technology is getting advanced, the gadgets are becoming more and more equipped and getting more and more mobile. The mobility and portability of the devices have made them a necessity instead of a luxury. The first computer which was built was huge; it was about the size of a whole room. The computer was still slow and had very limited functions. Then it its shape and size got groomed, and start becoming smaller and smaller. When Charles Babbage had thought about making such a machine that would be able to perform numerous operations, he must have not thought that computer will become so efficient some day.

Computer technology has revived by leaps and bounds since the last 30 to 35 years. In the decade of 1970s computer had become a quite established machine to work on. Before the introduction of Windows by Microsoft, the most used operating system was MS DOS. The operating system was not capable enough and had restricted operations. The introduction of Windows boosted the popularity and functionality of the computer. At them time computer was quite expensive as well, not everybody was able to afford it. But, as the computer got popular, it got cheaper and cheaper. The technology used in the computer became easily available which cut off its price.

Computer got a second birth when Alan Kay imagined a computer that could be carried with the user, means the portable computer. Alan Kay named this portable computer as ‘Dynabook’.  In the year of 1981, first portable computer that actually looked like the laptops present at the moment was announced. It had an LCD screen, a rechargeable battery and a mini printer. It was obviously not as efficient as the laptops currently available. Laptops increased the demand of computers as they were portable could be taken anywhere with the user and work on it. Early in the age, laptop became a status symbol for well to do businessman, they were expensive and looked quite stylish.

Since then there had been a competition between the companies to produce the lightest and slimmest laptop. This competition is perhaps won by a Taiwanese company who has produced probably the thinnest and the lightest laptop. The laptop weighs just 1.9 pounds or 870 grams; it is only 10.7 millimeter thick. That is simply amazing, it has the core i7 and i7 processor, which means it will work fast as any of the laptops, its lightness and thinness will not be a barrier in its functionality.

Where these thin, small and light laptops has made feasible to carry the workplace with you, it has brightened the chances of a data breach. According to a study, more than 45 percent of the lost laptops carry confidential information in them. The darker part is that not more than 15 to 16 percent of the laptops have security measures to prevent data breach. Laptops have become a necessity and keeping data in it is somehow mandatory, due to portability, laptops have become an easy target for the thieves and thugs. The confidential information that the laptop contain can easily be taken out by simply copying data on any other storage device. In order to prevent such copying, one should use software that can provide Copy Protection to data saved in laptops.

Data breach can be much more costly than your imagination. The loss of data plus the loss of goodwill, moreoverComputer Technology Articles, it further hit in the shape of fine that is being imposed by legislators for data breach. Precaution is better than to cry over spilt milk.

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Tom Riddle is Marketing Manager at New, a data protection and Information Security company that specializes in Copy Protection Software.

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