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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Photoshop's Got a New Plug In: Eye Candy 5 Nature

There's a new plug-in in town. Remember the Alien Skin filters series? The same ... were the ones who made a ... out of the XenoFex and Eye Candy 4000. Now the latest in the series of A

There's a new plug-in in town.

Remember the Alien Skin filters series? The same developers were the ones who made a blockbuster out of the XenoFex and Eye Candy 4000. Now the latest in the series of Alien Skin, Eye Candy 5: Nature is a set of 10 plug-in filters for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Jasc Paint Shop Pro and Macromedia Fireworks.

Eye Candy 5: Nature comes in the latest package that simulates a variety of nature's phenomena such as fire, smoke, rust, snow, ice, solar flares, halos, water drops and drips. The second from a three-part upgrade of Eye Candy 4000, Nature offers four new filters and six Eye Candy originals. The original filters have brand new looks, greater realism, and enhanced ease-of-use.

With Nature, users can now create new layers with effects without modifying the original layer. Viewing, editing and turning-off the effects are simple and doesn't change even an iota from the original image. The versatile and elegant renditions of the effects of nature will definitely be a hit among graphic designers, digital photographers and Web or multimedia content creators.

Effects that create nature's phenomena…
With the 10 plug-in filters provided in Nature, nature's phenomena can be recreated by the user to provide effects to the text and photo images.

•Ripples- This filter has three modes that create refractive ripples around any shape, as well as chaotic reflective waves.

•Rust- From iron oxide to tarnished brass, this filter tarnishes and corrodes images and text along with mold and mildew. Controls specify the size, color and texture of rust spots. And users can drip rusty water streaks down the selection surface.

•Snow Drift- It piles snow on text and lightly dusts images with surface snow and frost. Simple controls simulate deep, wet snow or a light dusting. By integrating Snow Drift with Icicles, users can produce winter effects on text and photos.

•Icicles- Drip icy stalactites from ay selection. Glaze surfaces with realistic ice. The Icicle filter makes any text adopt a wintry environment. It works great with Snow Drift.

•Smoke- Using two modes, users can simulate anything from voluminous clouds of smoke to murky haze. From volcanic eruptions to a steaming cup of coffee, users can create great effects with this new filter.

•Drip- It melts images, melds colors and provides oozing drops that drip from selections. This particular filter creates great wet paint effects on text. Users could even liquefy selections, artwork or photographic objects by altering the melt controls.

•Corona- This filter creates radiant solar flares, organic glows, and wispy auroras. You could also render coronas to a new layer, within the Eye candy interface, without affecting the original selection.

•Squint- From the twinkling of the stars to the frosting of diamonds, this filter mimics poor or wet vision or camerawork, defocuses images and adds highlights and halos to the selection. It provides that extra sparkle to any user's art with its classic, radial blur and soft light effects.

•Water Drops- Users can select color, opacity and viscosity of the water drops for that splash image and more.

•Fire- A reincarnated classic, it provides more realistic flames, creating effects from blue flames to white-hot rocket exhaust. With two new modes, the filter offers greater versatility and flexibilityBusiness Management Articles, simulating anything from the romance of candlelight to towering furnaces of infernos.

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