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Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Search for keywords in PDF

PDF files provide a better view on text files like in most cases what we see in e-books. There are instances that we want to find the exact information and since texts are in the file, it is easier to search the PDF using keywords.

Majority of articles, dissertations, thesis and other significant written projects are now converted to PDF. The popularity of PDF files has made some paper books lose its value since PDF are accessible online and can save space physically. However, for readers who are very keen in what they read, they tend to compare and examine the exact quoted words or phrases from an article with another article. In paper books, we can easily highlight the essential information solicited in each page. But we can't do that in PDF. This type of file can't be easily manipulated by copy-paste and highlight functions.

In addition to that, PDF is intended for pictures, layouts of brochures, magazines and other image presentation. The file quality is better when it comes to pictures and images compared to text documents. It is as if you compiled a series of scanned images in a single file including the texts in it. Actually, PDF content can be searchable both online, through the internet and offline, through your hard disk if you have saved some of these files already.

Now using a certain third-party search engine for PDF, you can possibly recover the information without having the trouble of highlighting anything. Just type the keywords you remember on the file or the text then the assistant program will show you varied results where you can find those keywords. The file name and file locations are then specified. Another thing is the assistant will provide you an overview on the files you have searched before fully opening it. Imagine opening a lot of PDF in you screen and checking them one by one if you do not have the search assistant!

On the other hand, acquiring PDF files from the internet is easy but to search for PDF in the web might be a little trouble. Adobe does not have the search engine option if you wish to search for PDF files only in the internet. There are common problems with some PDF files loaded in the search engines. Sometimes we could not find the right PDF file because the quality of the converted word document to a PDF file is not as good as the original text.

On the other hand, maybe the title of the PDF file, which is usually the keyword in searching, is incorrect and may not be useful to the viewer. The size of the file and the version also matters for the viewer to possibly use the file. Finally, PDF is downloadable as one. In searching for information in PDF, we just type keywords and the search engine shows us many resulting files with matching keywords in it. The bad side is that we cannot choose to just download the chapter or the certain page we are looking for. Instead, the whole PDF file must be used.

Wherever we do the searching for PDF files, from the hard disk or from the internetComputer Technology Articles, search engines and search assistants are better aids for a faster and convenient process in our busy life. You can forget about those time-taking processes to search the PDF you need and the right keywords will make you save half of your time.

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