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Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Adult Dating Sites: Some Advice For Men

If you are a man, looking to join an Adult Dating Site, we strongly recommend you read up about the sites you are looking into, read some reviews and do some basic homework before you spend any money on them.  There is a problem endemic to adult dating, which if you are not wary, could distract you from what you are supposed to be doing (ie. meeting women in real life) while emptying your wallet at the same time.

The problem is that some women are not actually signed up to these websites to meet you in real life.  Rather, they are looking to meet you online, so they can get you to sign up to their own website, which is a paid site requiring you to spend money to continue you asociation with them.  These women are always attractive, they are always tempting, and they are always convincing.

So the scenario runs like this.  You join up to an adult dating site and have alook around.  When you see some girls you’d like to meet you pay the dating site fee so you can contact them.  You come back a day or 2 later and some of these hot girls have gotten back to you. GREAT!  You reply back, and your reply is followed up by a request to meet them at an alternative site, for which they’ll give you their personalised link. 

If you choose to see where this is going, you’ll follow the link and visit the new site.  At some stage on the new site, you’ll be required to create a membership.  Then if you want to view the girl’s profile, you’ll need to upgrade.  Then all of a sudden you’ll be introduced to a new world of webcams, where you can chat to a range of very attractive girls in various stages of undress.  This will all be pay per view though, so each time you talk to one of these girls, you’ll be paying for it.

Then a month down the track, the original dating site will charge you for the next month of their service.  At this point you will realise that you got no value out of the last month, as the girls who got back to you never have met you.  In fact all they did is distract you away from meeting real women at the dating site.  Further you will realise that you have spent way more than you budgetted as you will have paid them to talk to you on their webcams.  And finally (and hopefully by now) you’ll realise these girls never actually want to meet you.  So its all lost time and money.

This type of thing happens at most Adult Dating Sites.  However, the extent of this problem varies greatly from site to site.  That is why our number 1 tip for avoiding this issue is to investigate a few sites before you join them.  Only join reputable sites where this problem is less prevalent.  To help you along the way, we have 2 pages of reviews of adult dating sites, you can find them here:

The second way you can avoid falling into this trap, is by setting a rule that you will not follow women who want you to join another website, no matter how hot they are.  Lets look at the facts here.  The purpose of joining the original dating site was to find women to introduce yourself to.  Thats it.  Once that is done, the website’s job is over.  From here, you are supposed to correspond, exchange numbers, chat and then meet in the real world.  So once you have met someone and started corresponding, what possible purpose is there to joining another site?  You have met her already!

Our final tip is to only join 1 of these websites at a time.  Give it a try, and if you are not meeting your share of real women within 1 - 2 months, women who want to develop something beyond the internet, leave this website and join another.  Give the new one a similar trial.  Same thing goes, if you are not getting a response from real women here, try the third.  Now, if you are still not getting a response from real women by your third adult dating site, there is probably something amiss with you profile and your internet manner.  Women respond to different things online than they do offline.  So if this is the caseFree Web Content, do something about your iternet dating style before you spend any more money on dating sites.  Here is a resource that should help: Internet Dating Skills For Men

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