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Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Healing Relationships - Using Openness To Begin Healing A Relationship

You now realize that your relationship has been in decline for some time, maybe one of you is even thinking about breaking up. Healing relationships like this can certainly be done with a little help. Get started right now as we discuss using openness to bring you back together.

Healing relationships that have "lost that loving feeling" is the goal we work toward every day. And there is always plenty of work because relationships that are not proactively tended to have a way of slowly but surely sliding into a decline. We have found that using openness to begin the process can be quite successful.

Often times couples do not even realize that a relationship is on the decline until one or the other has become quite unhappy and even be seeking a break up or, in the case of marriage, a divorce.

Some cannot even put their finger on any one event or cause of the decline. This can happen when little hurts, never really big ones, just keep accumulating. Healing relationships that break down in this way can sometimes be a challenge because neither person really knows what is wrong; they just feel out of love.

So what we try to do is get both partners to sit down and discuss the relationship and open up about their feelings, expectations and in what ways the relationship is not fulfilling their desires anymore.

Not always are both parties interested in doing this; some people are way too willing to give up on a relationship that deserves saving. Healing a relationship like this can be particularly frustrating for the other person who really is serious about reconciliation.

If you are that person then I encourage you not to give up. Perhaps you can "take your turn first" in opening up, accepting any responsibility you have in the decline of the relationship and offering your own suggestions on what you are going to try to improve at.

The goal is never to create a hostile environment, argue or cause a big blow up. If it appears to be going that way then just back off a little. Do what you can to make a comfortable environment for the other person to open up. Sometimes that can be done while "casually" resurrecting a few photos of the two of you having a good time together.

At some point the other person has to either join the process or you may have to consider your options elsewhere; just make sure you have given it the effort it deserves first before declaring your relationship permanently broken.

You should be aware, too, that you are opening yourself up to potentially hurtful responses from your partner as you do open up to them. Hopefully that is a chance you are willing to take.

Find out the best way for healing relationships without getting hurt and having the best chance of success.

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Learn how openness can be used in healing relationships like yours. Find out at specific advice on what to do and how.

Mr. Scott has enjoyed assisting people with relationship and marriage issues for many years now. Please note that he may occasionally receive some form of compensation when recommending other experts services or products.

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