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Thursday, April 18, 2019
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I Want To Make My Ex Boyfriend Regret Dumping Me! Here's How To Go About It

Your ex boyfriend is a bit on the possessive side, isn't he? He's the guy that tells you that he wants you to be happy and in the next breath gets incredibly upset when you decide to move on and date someone new. You're exasperated, as you should be.

"I want to make my ex boyfriend regret dumping me!" Virtually every woman in your situation has said the very same thing. It hurts to be dumped. It stings your ego and wreaks havoc with your self confidence. You feel neglected, disposable and you can't help but question whether the relationship was ever what he said it was. Did he really love you or was he playing with your emotions? When he promised you that you two would be together forever was that a cruel joke? These are all questions a woman is bound to ask when she's dumped. I want you to consider something for a moment. Instead of focusing on the fact that he dumped you, I want you to think about how great it will feel when he wakes up one morning and regrets the entire break up. Won't that feel amazing? You actually can make that happen sooner rather than later and it's much easier than you probably realize.

Male psychology is very different than female psychology. The way we react to things after a break up is very different than the way men react to them. For instance, all you want is to speak to him and reason with him so he can come to see that he's make a life changing mistake and he'll want you back, right? For us it's all about communicating our innermost feelings. We believe that if we do that, he'll come to see that he can't live without us and the man we loved will race back to the relationship at breakneck speed. It's all very emotional and beautiful, but not how men see it at all.

In order to appeal directly to a man's heart you have to show him what he's missing. Telling him won't cut it. You can talk to your ex boyfriend until you're blue in the face about everything that he's lost in you. He's just going to let it go in one ear and out the other because to him it's just words. He's not going to feel anything very deeply until he sees it or experiences it for himself. That's why the crux of your plan to make him regret dumping you is all about showing him exactly what he's missing.

Look at yourself in the mirror right now. Are you proud of the woman looking back at you or do you see a desperate girl with no self control who would do anything to win back the heart of the man she loves? If you don't see a strong woman who is content with her life exactly as it is, you need to make some major changes. However you see yourself is the very same way your ex boyfriend is going to see you. Right now, he probably only sees a pathetic, desperate emotional mess when he talks with you or sees you. That has to change today.

Pull yourself together and cut the man right out of your life. Your ex boyfriend is going to be pushed down to the bottom spot on the priority scale of your life. He no longer matters. Right now you have to decide that you are the focal point for you. That means you are going to devote as much time as you can to feeling stronger, better and happier.

Once you stop obsessing over your ex boyfriend and you make a conscious effort to focus on you, he'll notice. He won't be getting any more emotional phone calls from you and he'll hear from mutual friends that you seem happier than you ever had.

To add more power to your plan, get out more and enjoy your life. Hang out in places you know single men do. Let his friends see you socializing, laughing and flirting. Once this news gets back to your ex, and it willFind Article, he'll start to see what he's lost.

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