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Friday, September 20, 2019
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Rejecting Cheesy Chat Up Lines: Some Easy Tips

You are out with your friends at a party when a guy walks up to you and tries to use cheesy pick up lines to hit on you. What are you planning to do? We have all been approached by a Lothario wa...

You are out with your friends at a party when a guy walks up to you and tries to use cheesy pick up lines to hit on you. What are you planning to do?

We have all been approached by a Lothario wanna-be who simply is just not able to get the hint. The fact of the matter is, your problem is mainly how to get rid of him without the process destroying your mood for the rest of your evening. While this is a very fragile and delicate procedure, it can be done but with difficulty. You can continue to enjoy your evening by learning how to get rid of possible stalkers from the simple steps listed on this article.

1) Who's got the cheese?

If Romeo marches up to you with a line like "Do you have a quarter? I promised to call my mother when I met Miss Right" A quirky comeback on your part may just get him to go away with a minimum of fuss. Try saying something like "Goddesses like me do not carry change". If you're in luck, he will flee. If that one fails, try "Aww you still talk to your mother? Mine refuses to stay in touch since my sex change operation" This may seem harsh to tell someone who is foolish enough not to use a cheesy pick up line but its very effective.

2) Reveal your inner Mrs.

Pretending to be married just might work even though most guys who uses rude pick up lines appear to be immune to it. Reveal your wedding ring if you have one and if you don't try saying " My husband would certainly not like to manner you are talking to me with." the guy using dirty pick up lines will often get the hint and go away. However, when they don't get the hint adding something like, " he and I would have come here together but the STD pills he's taking made him feel sick." should have Don Juan beating a hasty retreat.

3) Inhale and exhale.

Get distressed. Let your inner feminist out for a minute or two. " Excuse me? How dare you think that just because I am sitting on a bar stool, dancing in a night club that I need some man to buy poor little old me a drink Play it to the base. Trust me, he will eat up his cheesy chat up lines, bow his head in shame and leave in hasty retreat, probably running right out of the club. Men who use rude pick up lines are targeting those they consider an easy mark.

4) Make friends with the bouncers.

If you have taken all of the above steps and the guy is still persistently hitting on you with rude or dirty pick up lines you may have to seek help. Unless you have additional persuasionFree Articles, you will not be able to pull through on your own since guys that stubborn and stupid are just that. Stubborn and stupid. Being stuffed into some guy's van with blacked out windows by the end of the night is definitely not what you want after all. Find help.

Guys if you find yourself being treated to the above tactics go to and find pick up lines that may work and leave the cheesy pick up lines at home.

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