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Saturday, June 15, 2019
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Some Common Signs Of Cheating In A Relationship - Watch Out For These!

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, couples decide to go their separate ways and ask for a separation.† This is not really a divorce but a step in between the marriage and divorce which allows for the couple to reassess the relationship and decide whether they want to work at the marriage or go their separate ways.

There are some common signs of cheating in a relationship. Working late nights, frequent company function, more meeting, more often going out with friends and many such signs may be a cause of concern.

Few Common Signs of Cheating In A Relationship

The unaccounted money can be a sign of cheating in a relationship. If the partner hesitates to show the bills, hides when bills come, and only tells the amount that needs to be paid, locks the bills in files that are inaccessible to the partner, shreds the bills, or gets the bills sent to work, there might be something going on.

Another sign of cheating in a relationship is the change in attitude and mood. The cheating partner is usually indifferent to the family events, money becomes more of an issue, you may feel that you are being avoided, your partner seems bored with kids, job, your hobbies and the life in general, partner gets defensive when talking about affairs or infidelity, there is a sense of confusion, partner becomes lazy, and may seem more secretive.

Change in the daily behavior is also a common sign of cheating in a relationship. There are some unaccountable and definite changes in the daily routine of a cheating partner. You may find certain suspicious items in the car such as greeting cards, gifts, gift wrap, and so on. The partner suddenly may seem too possessive of pocket calculator, wallet, PDA, email, computer or cell phone because there might be photos, phone numbers, or receipts. The partner may suddenly start coming late more often, and smelling of alcohol most of the times.

There are certain other signs of cheating in a relationship, such as picking up fights more often, stomping out of the house, refusal to accompany you for shopping, encouraging you to visit your friends and family alone, forgetting to wear engagement/wedding ring more often, smelling differently, showing more interest in appearance and clothing, and so on.

Cheating partner may also seem to be working long hours, working on weekends, and is never available at the desk to answer the phone. There may also be change in the pattern of computer and phone use. There is excessive time on computer, especially after you have gone to bed. Partner receives or sends the messages at odd hours, the call log is usually empty, or there is new email account that you are not aware of.

Change in mutual understanding is also a sign of cheating in a relationship. The cheating partner may become curt, short, mean or abusive. To ease the guilt, the partner may also accuse you of cheating. Partner sleeps in another room, there is change in sex pattern and partner is always aware of your schedule so that the affair can be worked around.

But the bottom line is, listen to your gut. The intuition may not be right, but if your feel that there might be something going onFree Web Content, be more vigilant.

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