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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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The Best Pick Up Lines- Do They Really Exist?

Is there a such thing as ‘the best pick up line’?  Discover the truth in this article which explores these type of conversation starters.

We're all grown men here. We don't believe in Santa Claus or the Boogeyman. We're too mature for fairy tales, and we're even beginning to accept that we're unlikely to become major league sporting heroes.But still, we believe in pick up lines.The evidence is against us. Tales of success are few and far between, and we've all heard female co-workers screaming with laughter while they discuss the hopeless lines with which men have failed to score with them.But without the pick up lines, many men wouldn't know where to start. How else are you supposed to get chatting to a gorgeous girl than with a well rehearsed corny joke? Our favorite lines are what give us the courage to approach hot chicks in the first place. As much as girls deride them, pick up lines are what get us laid.But that's not to say that every line is equal.A quick scan of the internet will find you literally hundreds of terrible chat up lines, and you can guarantee that that chick you fancy has heard them all before. She's been informed that she's da bomb, she's been offered change to call her mother, she knows her skirt would look better on your bedroom floor. Pull out something that unoriginal and you'll look like you get your dating advice from your pre-pubescent brother.You both know you're playing the old familiar flirting game, so give it an original, self-referential twist. “Do we have a mutual friend who could introduce us?” is sure to get a laugh. Or tell her, “My friend wants to know if you think I'm cute.”A good sense of humor always tops the lists of what girls go for in a guy, but turning into a one man comedy routine should be approached with caution. Dirty jokes might well have you in stitches when you're sharing them with friends, but tell them to the wrong woman and the only stitches you'll be getting will be the sort the doctor gives you. Luckily, it's easy to be funny without being offensive, and quirky one liners have high impact. Get noticed by  saying, “I seem to have lost my phone number; do you mind if I take yours?”, or work a little mojo magic with, “Could you spare just a moment for me to hit on you?”  Ask any girl, though, and she'll tell you it's not the wit of your pick up line that gets you lucky – it's the smile with which you deliver it. A plain old, “Hi, I'm _______. What's your name?” works wonders if you say it with a grin.Or if approaching a girl at all leaves you trembling, forget the corny lines and the charming introductions, and simply swear blind that you know her from somewhere. After all, it doesn't matter how catchy your opening line is – it's the conversation with which you follow it that gets you lucky; saying “I'm sure we've met before...?” not only saves you from devising a pick up line, it leads naturally into chatter about the places you each hang out.The rules of pick up lines are simple: keep them brief; keep them clean; and keep them friendly. Spending all night rehearsing at the bar will leave you sounding stilted, so what are you waiting for? If you've spotted a hot girl, slap on a smileFeature Articles, stride on over there and simply say hello.

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