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Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Win Her Back In This Three-Step Strategy By Appealing To Her Curiosity!

What man hasn't experienced the heartbreak of having the perfect woman suddenly lower the boom and walk out on him? There are three steps you can take to win her back if you really want her. This is a plan that targets a woman where she's most vulnerable - her curiosity - and can incite jealousy as well! You will be on her mind even if she was sincere about the breakup, and she won't rest until she's satisfied the curiosity you've triggered.

It's happened to all of us - we believe we're in a great relationship when all of a sudden BOOM! - she dumps you and walks out. There are three steps you can take to win her back if you really want her. This is a plan that targets a woman where she's weakest - her curiosity - and can incite jealousy as well! Curiosity killed the cat, and it's going to drive her nuts as well, as she tries to figure out what's going on.

To begin, vanish from the face of the earth. Seriously - she can't see you or hear from you, and neither can her friends. When she hasn't heard from you for a while, she'll try to contact you or at least find out what's going on.  You're not having anything to do with her friends, so you're covered there, but you've also got to make sure your own friends know not to give her any information about you at all. You've got some time on your hands now, but don't waste it.  You've got to make some changes in your own life: try getting a new wardrobe that gives you a new look, change your hairstyle, lose some weight if needed (but if weight loss is part of your approach, don't change wardrobes until you've reached your goal!), join a gym and get into the habit of working out regularly . . . in short, perform a makeover on yourself, major or minor, it's up to you.  Moving might be too much to ask, but you can certainly get new telephone numbers.  The whole objective of this is that when the time comes for her to start getting news about you, and starts seeing you herself, you've obviously changed, and for the better.  And this is important - she has to believe that the breakup was the catalyst for this positive change in your life.

Some time has elapsed now, and it's time to set the next stage of the plan into motion. It's time to emerge from the cocoon and let people see the butterfly you've become, but you've got to handle the operation carefully to get the best result. The first step in showing off the new you is to invite a select group of friends to a get-together at your place.  Nothing big, mind you - this is like the preview of a movie, where only influential people are invited.  You want word to get back to her.  Get ready properly for the gathering - spend some time on a tanning bed to get some good color.  Go get a manicure - men's fingernails all too often are the one jarring note on an otherwise pleasing canvas. And pay attention to the details as well - added together, they make up the whole. You've undergone some personal changes, now make some adjustments in the way you entertain.  Forget the chips and dip - get some interesting exotic finger foods for your friends to nosh on, and also be sure you have enough of whatever drinks you're serving so that you don't run out.  Forget about playing the standard CD's - soft and mellow should be your standard for music, preferably music you've never played for these folks before. You want people to be able to have nice conversations without having to shout at each other. And this is essential - make certain that you invite someone you're absolutely certain is going to report back to her - and make sure that person gets your new phone number to pass along!

This part of the hunt is fun - you know you're hunting, but she doesn't know she's the prey.  Don't be such a recluse now - get out and about a bit more, go to places where you're likely to encounter her friends. Her friends will be inquisitive and will want to find out all about what you're up to - and who you're doing it with.  Tell them no more than you need her to hear - you're in charge of the flow of information now.  Suggest that you're spending time with someone, but don't let it sound important. Be patient now - it may take a number of such chance encounters with her friends before she gets enough accounts that you're really doing better without her to believe.  It's just a matter of time!

The first time you see her acknowledge her nicely, give her a light kiss on the cheek and talk briefly about general things - acquaintance talk, not personal or intimate. Be nice and polite, but don't come across as possessive.  At some point, ask her if she has the same phone number and tell her you'll call sometime to meet for coffee and a chat. Now is a crucial moment - time to walk away.  Continue about your business and don't look back, not even from a distance.  Tell yourself she isn't there.

Let a week or two go by before you call her, and invite her to a nice place for coffee, or maybe lunch.  It should be a popular place, but not one you've taken her to before. Make certain you don't get a secluded table - it should be out in the open in a relatively crowded area.  The only thing you shouldn't talk about is your feelings (and hers), and your history together. You're still hunting, remember, and she's still your quarry - you have to get her completely at ease and relaxed.  This meeting isn't the time to pounce, it's still for enticing her with the enigma. Whatever she's been thinking during your meal together, any fears she might have had about you trying to get her to take you back haven't been realized.  Paradoxically, she might be thinking that you're going to try to cram it into your goodbye, so stay cool!  Walk her out like the gentleman you are, kiss her lightly on the cheek, and tell her you'll call again.  When you walk away this time, it's appropriate to take a few steps, pause, glance back over your shoulder and, if she's watching you, give a little smile and wave - and then continue walking away.

Your innocent meeting will only fill her with more curiosity - how is it that you're doing well without her, and how can you possibly sit with her and not want to talk about the relationship that she ended?  She'll be anxious to get more information from you, especially after being unable to get any during your luncheon meeting! You're at a perfect point now - she's ready to get back together, even if she doesn't openly acknowledge it.  Take your time now - enjoy the time together, and enjoy the lack of pressure  She's so consumed by curiosity that when you call again, she'll be open to pretty much whatever you suggest.  Don't overdo it!  Be patient - suggest maybe another lunch, or perhaps a daytime social activity like a museum visit. Even though she might not be conscious of it, but she's open to the idea of getting back together - your job is to be very patient and understanding. And, of courseFind Article, to have a great time!

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Andrew Hunter enjoys helping men deal with the conflicts and challenges they experience in relating with women and helping them form successful relationships.

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