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Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Are You A Lion Or A Sheep? Internet Marketing Is Not For The Timid...

Learn about the power of automation and how you can automate your online marketing efforts. Generate thousands of free hits to your website at the push of a button.

Lions eat sheep. That is the natural order of things. Lions, hunt, stalk, slaughter and devour. Sheep blindly follow their shepherd, even if he is leading them to certain doom. So which are you, a lion or a sheep?

The lions of Internet marketing, those making 4 figures monthly, stalk their prey, they pounce, they devour, they do it again. They persuade you with smooth-talking web pages and convince you to divulge your personal information such as your email address. Then they send you several persuasive emails every week. They convince you to check out their "latest and greatest" product or service. Then they deal the "death blow" (they separate you from your money) and they do it all over again. Usually to the same sheep that allowed them to do it the first time.

The Internet "sheep" are those hundreds of thousands of people scouring the Internet looking to "find a fortune". They jump from one product that some Internet "guru" sold them, to another. They keep doling out money to these "gurus" who keep promising them untold wealth. Much like the bad shepherd, many of these so-called "gurus" are leading the Internet sheep to their death. They separate you from your money and deliver a lousy product that just doesn't work.

Does this sound familiar? Are you the sheep or the lion? Which would you rather be? Internet marketing is not for the timid. Without a certain amount of "aggression" in your marketing campaign, you will not succeed. If, however, you desire to be on top of the food chain with the other "Internet lions", then read on...

Let me ask you this, have you ever wondered how it is that these "Internet lions" seem to have the time to accomplish all of this? After all, it must take forever to create new programs or products to sell, write sales materials, create web sites and still have enough time to blast out one or two emails every day. There is absolutely no way they can accomplish all of this without help.

"Lions" use every means at their disposal to get an edge over their competition. What they understand is that they have to multiply their efforts. They use other people, services and software to accomplish this. They understand the Power of Automation.

What do I mean by automation? Well, simply put, it is the use of software and services to perform certain mundane and repetitive tasks thousands of times faster than you would be able to do them yourself. Using your computer and specialized software programs is perhaps the most cost effective and easiest way to multiply your efforts and free up your valuable time.

Automation is very easy. You can automate just about every aspect of your online business. Simply do a "Google" search for the type of automation software you desire. If you can't find what you want, have it made for you! Just do a web search for phrases such as "freelance software developers", or something similar, to find companies that can make the exact program that you are looking for. It is cheaper than you might realize and it will pay for itself many times over in a very short period of time.

Internet "lions" use the power of automation to handle everyday mundane tasks such as research and promoting. They use automation for ad blasts, article posting, driving traffic to their websites. They use it aggressively, whenever they can, and you should too.

Are you a lion or a sheep?

Lions eat sheep. You either eat or get eaten. In the world of online business, you can continue to ineffectively promote your product or service, blindly following the so-called "gurus" (get eaten) or you can automate your business and use the power of the Internet to become an Internet "lion" and finally have your feast!

Be aggressiveFree Articles, be a "lion"!

Good luck and happy marketing!

David Hebert

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David Hebert has been marketing on the Internet for 10 + years. In that time, he has come to learn about the extreme power of automation. With automated Internet marketing software, you can save valuable time and drive 1000s of visitors to your site, even while you sleep! To learn more, please visit:

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