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Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Bad Experiences Do Good - The Choose Hot Tubs Direct Story

Bad experiences can definitely turned around once you know what to do. Take this story for example, for it is a perfect story of a bad experience which resulted to success.

Many people can already say that bad experiences really do something good, for it will serve as a lesson. Of course, if you don't want that bad experience to happen again, you would do everything you can to escape or get away from being in that same situation one more time. This is what most people would do, ask around and this is what most people will tell you. But then again, that's just for most people. There are some whom are willing to face that same situation and fight head on. This is what Steven Barbarich did, and with that was the birth of Choose Hot Tubs Direct.
The bad experience. Steven Barbarich ordered a bath tub online. It was a tub for his home, and he excitedly waited for it. After the very long wait, and the very expensive shipping, the tub came. And so they were trying to bring it to the bathroom where Steve wanted to place it. But then a huge problem took place. The dimensions of the tub that came wasn't the ones Steve specified when he ordered the tub. The tub wouldn't fit the bathroom door and wouldn't even fit his main door. In short, there was no way the tub can be brought inside the house. He was really pissed, who wouldn't? So he called the site's customer service line. He calmly spoke with them and told them his concern. He reasoned out, for he had all the right to. Well, after a very long conversation, they told him "We're terribly sorry for the mistake, good luck next time". They didn'tn replace the tub, nor do something about it. So he was left to an expensively paid useless tub. 
Steve's Solution. This experience really got to Steve's nerves. But being who he is, he decided to fix the problem - head on. Steve isn't an ordinary man. He is an inventor, an author, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist to top it all. That is why he knew what to do. He founded ChooseHotTubsDirect, among others. ChooseHotTubsDirect is one of the most trusted e-commerce sites around. And this is because of the inspiration of that bad experience Steve had. He fought a very fair fight, and ChooseHotTubsDirect became the epitome of an e-commerce site.

What's so Special with ChooseHotTubsDirect? As I mentioned, Steve Barbarich fought this bad experience head on. Everything that he didn't like about that experience he changed for the better. First, the price. It is widely known that hot tubs or spas may cost a lot. Steve fixed this by partnering with the top hot tubs and spa manufacturers. So that the prices of the tubs he will sell are what we can call "factory priced". This is the cheapest possible way to get the tubs. Most retailers doesn't get deals this good, that is why the prices of tubs from ChooseHotTubsDirect are way cheaper than any other stores out there. Doing this also solved two other headaches he experienced - the long delivery time and the wrong dimension. How? Upon placing an order at the site, ChooseHotTubsDirect forwards the order to the manufacturer's factory. The dimensions that are specified in that order is followed by the factories, since tubs from ChooseHotTubsDirect are customized. And as soon as your tub is built, it will be delivered to you. The last headache Steve solved was the customer service problem. He made sure that the customer care people of ChooseHotTubsDirect CARES. He made them understand why they should give quality customer service. He made it clear that customers should be treated well because they deserve it, that the key to giving the best customer service is so simple - just put yourselves in the shoes of the customer, and you'll know the right thing to do. And this is another reason why people love ChooseHotTubsDirect. 
You see, a bad experience can really turn out good when you know how to deal with it. Take Steve Barbarich as an example. He did what he had to do, and it was a sure success. Proof of this are those wonderful reviews. There is no one better to evaluate something but the customer. This is why at ChooseHotTubsDirectFree Articles, customers are king.

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Samuel Sanders is an independent contractor, a writer, and an entrepreneur. It has been his passion to write about different things, most especially about his work and businesses as well. This lead him to start writing blogs about his favorite resources and gives away helpful facts about being in the home improvement career. His love for tubs started out when he read ChooseHotTubsDirect reviews, and got so inspired that it became his one stop shop for hot tubs.

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