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Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Benefits of Panna Stone and rules for wearing it

Benefits of wearing emerald. The emerald gem is related to the planet Mercury and Mercury has the greatest influence on the memory power, so people who have weak memory power, are benefited by wearing emerald

You must have seen many people wearing emeralds in their hands. Have you never had the question that why do people wear emeralds? Is it worn only for fashion or does it really bring some benefits?

Without delay, let me tell you that the emerald is the gemstone of Mercury planet. Although this stone is known by many names… in Sanskrit it is called Marakat Mani, Jamran in Persian and Emerald in English. The color of this particular emerald is light to dark green.

What is the color of emerald stone

The emerald is found in five colors. Parrot feather-colored, water-colored, glued-like flower, peacock-like feather and light sandal-like flower. For your information, tell me that emerald is very soft gem and it is also very precious.

Benefits of emerald gemstone
  • The uncertainty of people who wear the Panna Ratna changes into certainty. If a student (student) wears it, his / her mind becomes sharp and the brain helps in functioning properly. At the same time, people who are often sick… Emerald is an energizing, healing and pleasing to them. Not only this, in every house where there is emerald, there is also the increase of food and wealth, well-deserved children and the hindrance of ghost haunts.
  • With the help of emerald, your snake fear is also removed. Not only this, Panna is also considered very beneficial for our eye diseases. Keep in mind that Panna Ratna should be spun in a glass of water for five minutes in the morning and then sprinkle that water on the eyes, only then your eyes will definitely benefit.

The 5 circumstances when wearing a page is right when those 5 conditions are right when wearing a page - 

  • If you are a Gemini Ascendant and wearing an emerald, then your family troubles will end. Your mother's health is fine and there is success in work related to public.
  • At the same time, even if people with Virgo ascendant wear emerald, then they are able to get benefits in the state, business, father, job, and government works. If the Virgo Ascendant is unemployed, then their employment opportunities can also increase.
  • Not only this, if the Mercury in one's ascendant is in the sixth, eighth, 12th house, then he can wear emerald.
  • If Mercury is present in low Pisces, then it can also wear Panna.
  • Let it be said that if Mercury is in the ninth house through Dhanesh and in the tenth house after Tertesh, along with Chaturth Sukhesh and income is in the eleventh place… then wearing your emerald is very beneficial.
Rules for wearing emeralds

You can wear Panna Ratna on Wednesday when Ashlesha, Jyestha or Revathi, Nakshatra, on the day of sunrise till about 10 pm. Know that the emerald should always be worn in gold in auspicious time. Key things - Panna gemstone should be at least three carats and if it is more than thatPsychology Articles, it is considered good.


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