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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Cheap Mobile Mysteries: What Is A Processor?

Have you ever wondered how cheap mobile phones processors work? Well come with us on a voyage of discovery as we learn about phones with WAP and why they are so good.

What should the reader do now?

** Processor & its Function in a phone:
A CPU is a part of a computer system that carries out the information based on instruction defined by the program stored in its memory. Processor speed is based on Integrated circuits or ICís, more ICís fitted in a processor the stronger it will be.

In mobile phones, processor work as a core component whether it would be a cheap cell phone or an expensive one, it surely has a processor that allows it to function or else the cell phone would be nothing but a dummy. Some cell phones have multi processor in it, which allows them to work even faster and open the application more quickly. But cell phones with multi processors are found really rare, as they are expensive and are just more than a cell phone they r more likely to be a PDA.

** Type of Processors found in less than $100.00 cell phone:
The processors that are found in less than $100.00 cell phones are usually slow and are designed just to perform the basic functions and tasks and are not able to support high level functions like the Iphone or PDA does. They are able to play the videos but not of very much high quality.

** Strengths & Limitations of less than $100.00 processor:
Although they perform really very fast when it comes to normal functions like, sending SMS / MMS etc but when it comes for playing the video and performing other heavy tasks like sharing videos or pictures they become way to slow! As their processors are limited for some specific tasks which it performs very fast and is not able to do other challenging tasks as they require much more powerful processors.

The strengths of such processors are that they consume less amount of power which gives the maximum battery time to the cell phone and you wonít need to recharge the battery of your cell phone again and again and they are really very fast when it comes to perform the basic tasks like sending / receiving SMS / MMSScience Articles, changing the settings or functions of phones etc.

** Questions that you need to ask before buying a cell phone:
The most important question that you would need to ask as well as observe is the interface of the cell phone and how quickly it responds after sending a query. Cell phones that have a slow interface give much more problem to the user while using them as the response time is really very slow and sometime it spreads the frustration among the user.

** Tips for the Reader:
It gives the basic knowledge to the user that why a powerful processor is important in a cell phone and if you are using basic cell phone then what are the things you need to consider before buying that and what are the strengths and limitation of a cheap cell phones.

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