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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Expensive Internet Marketing Advice: Tell The Gurus To Take A Hike

Recently some product launches have been happening promoting some expensive internet marketing advice. But if you can't afford the high price tags, you're in luck... there is a cheaper way to go.

One of the first things you learn in Internet Marketing is to not reinvent the wheel. Other people have gone before you and made all the mistakes and lost all the money to find out what really works to make money online. So, follow the leaders and put your unique twist on it.

But what do you do if learning from those that have gone before you costs thousands of dollars?

Recently, I've witnessed some product launches with some very high price tags. And I started asking myself, "Do your really need to spend thousands of dollars to be successful online?" Here are some thoughts on the matter...

The Gurus Are Targeting Struggling Internet Marketers

Here's a little Marketing 101. Find a desperate market and give them what they need to end their desperation. You'll make a killing!

And that is exactly what these marketing "gurus" are doing. The market they are going after is the struggling Internet Marketer. They are not going after the complete newbie... but the online businessperson that has some experience (and possibly some success), but can't seem to make it work.

Hey, we've all been there. I've bought the ebooks, watched the videos and joined the membership sites. And more than once I've pulled my hair out while screaming, "I've done everything they told me to do, why isn't this working?" So, I've got to give it to the "gurus"... they've really identified a desperate market!

But should that market be asked to pay thousands of dollars to get the help they need?

That Breakthrough Moment IS VALUABLE

I'm not going to lie to you. Having a "breakthrough" in your online business is extremely valuable. Many times you can go from just getting by (or going into debt), to extremely profitable so quickly it leaves you wondering, "Why didn't I do this sooner?"

So, when you look at it that way, sure the price tag seems reasonable. I mean, who wouldn't pay $2000 to figure out how to make millions. Sounds like a great Return On Investment to me. And the gurus are banking on you seeing the value of making such a large investment.

But for most of the struggling Internet Marketers this is just too steep a price to pay. And they are left even more frustrated than ever before. They even start blaming their failure on not being able to pay those high prices for expensive marketing advice. If that sounds like you, there is something you can do. (The good news is you don't have to pay thousands to be successful online).

What To Do When You Can't Shell Out Big Bucks For Internet Marketing Advice

While some "smart" Internet Marketers have decided to exploit the desperate marketing crowd, others have seen this as a different type of opportunity. They see this as an opportunity to help people! They've been where you are and know how frustrating it can be. But they also know money is tight (especially these days).

Some of the top online marketers have decided to help. After all, you might ALREADY know how to make a fortune online, but just got sidetracked. Or you might only need to correct ONE thing to start seeing the huge profits. Or maybe you know you need some more detailed help but at a price you can afford. And they are going to help you figure out the missing part of the puzzle.

Now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to succeed! So, tell the high priced "gurus" to take a hike, and get the free or low cost advice you need to make that life changing breakthrough you deserve. Just remember to help others later when you could charge thousands for what you know.

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