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Thursday, June 20, 2019
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How To Break Even As A First Step To Building A Profitable Internet Business

Your first aim for your Internet business should be simply to break even if your business is to survive for the long haul. Once you can consistently break even you will be in a very good position to build a profitable Internet business without risking your bank balance.

Are you one of those people who is losing money on your supposedly profitable Internet business? If so this article is for you! Perhaps you set up your business in great expectations of making a fortune with little effort. If that is the case then I must tell you that you have been misinformed.

While it is certainly possible for anybody to set up a website on a shoestring budget and build a profitable Internet business, it is impossible to do that without making a persistent effort.

Your Internet business goals should by all means be ambitious, but your first aim should be simply to break even. You need to hit the breakeven point as quickly as possible if your business is to survive for the long haul. Once you can consistently break even you will be in a very good position to build up your Internet business profitability without risking your bank balance.

So what steps can you take to cover your expenses as quickly as possible?

1. Set a reasonable budget and stick within it. The biggest trap for fledgeling Internet marketers is the online money trap. Eager to make faster progress, newbie marketers are vulnerable to every fantastic offer that comes their way. By setting a budget and sticking with it you can avoid this danger.

2. Use as many free or low-cost ways to generate targeted traffic as possible. Writing and publishing articles, blogging, traffic exchanges and online forums are all good examples of this.

3. Do not expect people to buy into your main offer on their first visit to your site. Avoid using your landing page for your main sales pitch. Instead offer your visitors a big incentive to sign up to your newsletter and sell to them on the backend. In other words the landing page of your website should concentrate mainly on capturing your visitors name and e-mail address via a signup form linked to an auto-responder. This is the best way of building your business over the long term.

The three steps mentioned above will prevent you from wasting money and keep your expenses under control while building the foundations for future Internet business profits, but what about those short-term methods of covering your expenses that I mentioned? Here they are...

1. Embed Google Adsense ads into your articles and blog posts. When people click on them you will learn a few cents on each click. Google Adsense should be one of your key methods of breaking even from the get go. You will read a lot about how you can make your fortune with Adwords, and it is possible to earn a substantial sum every month with Adsense IF you know what you are doing and have the time to do it. Do not be seduced by such promises at the setup stage of your business, however. It is much better and much easier for you to use Adsense as a way to cover your expenses.

2. Do not overlook the affiliate program just because the commission rates are so low. Amazon is one of the most famous brands on the Internet and the trust factor is very high, which has a positive effect on click-thru rates. With some well-placed and relevant Amazon ads you stand a good chance of generating enough in commissions each month to cover your expenses.

3. Do some research on companies such as Max, which enable you to earn revenue by advertising sponsors on your site on a pay-for-performance basis. Sponsor offers tend to change quite often so you will need to update your banners on a regular basis, but if you are prepared to do that, this may offer you a quick way to earn some income.

4. Another option to generate some quick income would be to place some website audio advertising on the pages of your website and earn commission every time an ad is played. The leading provider of this kind of free service is at and is free to join.

By dividing your business strategy into short-term breakeven goals and a long-term strategy for a profitable Internet business, and by working with low-cost marketing methods within a fixed budgetFree Reprint Articles, you will be setting yourself up for Internet marketing success instead of credit crunching failure.

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