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Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Internet Network Marketing - Why Your Website Sucks

Have you realized that nobody's joining your internet network marketing opportunity after visiting your website? What's worse, do you even know if they checked it out like they said they did in the first place? Here are 7 crucial components to a successful internet network marketing website.

Have you realized that nobody's joining your internet network marketing opportunity after visiting your website?

What's worse, do you even know if they checked it out like they said they did in the first place?

Network Marketing companies generally give you direct access to their corporate "it's-all-about-us" website, or, one notch up, you get your very own personalized version of that same website.

On face value, it looks great. All your network marketing company's information is right there: Company history, the famous CEO on the cover of Success Magazine (so what?), how you can earn a six figure income, pictures of happy families "selling the dream" and even a 7 minute sizzle movie.

Yet, no sign ups. How can this be?

Well, let's face it: Your internet network marketing website is useless, it sucks!

Now don't get me wrong, these websites have a purpose, yes, but not when you choose to build your MLM business on the internet. They provide everything you want as a MLM distributor.

Problem is: you have already signed up.

Unfortunately, the network marketing professionals who were invited to the board meeting for the design and layout, still had the "make a list of your friends and family" in mind.

Nothing wrong with that strategy, but applying those principles online is like mixing oil and water. It simply won't happen.

So What's the Solution?

The perfect internet network marketing website is not just a website, but a complete front to back, universal marketing and management system. Whether your company provides this platform or if you use a universal system, here are 7 crucial components to look out for:

1. A landing page which captures data (lead capture page). You have split seconds to grab your visitor's attention or they hit the back button and say goodbye. If your landing page doesn't do that, the rest of these points are irrelevant. Your business goals and intentions should be clear: to collect contact information. Backed with an attention grabbing headline, enough credibility, professional design, simple layout, easy navigation, powerful benefit statements and creating enough curiosity to abide by the strong call to action. Multimedia, audio or a live actor will also increase your conversions, ensuring that you cater for all 3 learning styles of visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

2. An automated follow up email campaign which alerts you every time they return. Unless you plan on quadrupling your workload, you need a system which can do most of the follow up work for you. People will hardly ever commit to a purchase on any website on the first visit. Statistically, it takes 7 - 10 follow up emails before the relationship is established and they are ready to join your network marketing opportunity. A strong email campaign which tracks visitor activity takes care of that.

3. Explains the benefits of owning a MLM business. By educating your prospect about network marketing first, your system can sort through prospects for you. That way you only follow up with people who are truly interested in your product or network marketing opportunity. This removes the initial rejection factor that causes 95% of people to struggle.

4. Introduces you and allows you to tell your story. The more automated and high-tech systems get, the more we crave high-touch, relationships and real connections. People join people, not opportunities. Network marketing always was and always will be a relationship based business. Fortunately, the tools have changed and make it easier, but your prospects need to see who is behind your internet network marketing website.

5. Automated management and training for your new team members. Once they have signed up, will you need to spend countless hours educating them about your business AND your system, or will the system handle that for you? People don't duplicate, but systems do.

6. Supplies you with an endless source of people to contact AND drives them to your internet network marketing website. This is a rare benefit. All network marketers should be committed to learning the art of personal lead generation. But what do you do when you just get started, especially when starting your MLM business on a part time basis? If your prospects are being supplied, qualified, educated about the industry and get sent directly to your website, your chances of early success have just tripled.

7. A complete contact manager keeping track of all your prospects, hot prospects and new team members. Once your MLM business starts booming, your personal diary you got from under the Christmas tree simply won't cut it. To manage your time effectively, you need a back office which records all contacts made and actions taken by your prospect. It's simply impossible to remember all your prospects families, occupations, hobbies and life goals (their why).

Some websites and universal marketing systems will have more or less features as mentioned above. Although your success is more dependent on your ambition, mindset and visionPsychology Articles, a system which matches all the criteria above rates in my books as the perfect website for internet network marketing.

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