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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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The Legend of Waistband

Did you hear that when the Egyptian dancers perform, they are naked only with a belt wrapped around their waists? Leather winds around the waist of pants, skirts and dresses; the material is cloth or ...

Did you hear that when the Egyptian dancers perform, they are naked only with a belt wrapped around their waists? Leather winds around the waist of pants, skirts and dresses; the material is cloth or metal texture. In contrast, on the island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea, people with low social status are not allowed to wear waistband. In the middle ages, the belt is a symbol of status, so women with bad reputation are prohibited to wear belts. This is not accidental, from the review of the film fragment, in the 1976 film “senses kingdom”, we can see the heroine performed crazy love by waistband; she wrapped a belt around the neck of her lover.

During the Baroque period of the 16th century, no matter civilian or uniformed uniforms, people would put a long silk belt on their waist, the vibrant color and cold metal was in stark contrast to the shiny armor. Till the late 18th century, the belt became an integral part of women’s clothing. Even if today, waistband is still the essential decoration for uniforms on important festivals. In the early 16th century, Titian’s famous painting “La Schiavona”, La Schiavona wears a batik fabric belt, which makes her look very fashionable. In the picture of Michelangelo, the look that the heroine wears a belt is very fascinated. The picture is now on display in Rome Palace. In a word, a long time ago, people began to use waistband to decorate themselves, therefore, fashion is an old topic and a long process.

Dating back to the end of the 18th century, the belt made of ribbons and various kinds of beads such as cabochons was all the go. But prior to the World War 1, the belt in women’s wardrobe returned to the traditional style. In the winter of 1967, the necklace was put on the models’ waist, and wind around mink tail belt, perfect and luxurious to the extreme.

The aesthetic of Yves Saint Laurent plays an iconic role in France, let’s analyze its works. In 1969, it used mottled colored beat to decorate pink Jeep Walled length skirt; in 1986, Yves Saint Laurent matched waistband with long dress with black and white pattern, which highlights female’s body figure to the best. Besides, light yellow belt broke the silence of the long white flounced dress; the feeling was like a ray of gentle sun through the clouds. In the next year, aquamarine belt wound between the bright yellow fluffy taffeta skirt and black corset. In the winter of 1991, purple red belt broke the monotonous of black dress and black tights, the belts were added thin lace. The list of its unique belt goes on; to sum up, the waistband it designed each season is special and triggers a fashion trend and sensation. We can also get the information that waistband plays and essential role in the revolution of fashion.

Up to the present, belt is still the source of fashion for designers. Summer 2009, the sash by luxury brand in chocolate leather with a golden belt buckle, when this belt is tightly wound around the waist, the contours of the waist is visible; when wearing short shirt, high heels, tight pant or jeans, this chocolate colored belt is definitely a charming accessory, the glamor is by no means inferior to shining crystal pendants. Last winter, we appreciated the tartan-taffeta for Vivienne Westwood. For the next summer, the striped sash by Mira Carmen would be worn together with a jumpsuit. The sash will be very slimArticle Submission, like those on a slip dress.

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