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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Animators arise – command beyond cartoons

With animation films, animation and gaming acquiring its own loyal cult following, animation is no longer restricted to entertainment for children, or cartoons. It has evolved into a whole new medium for creative expression, and visual communication.

Animators are artists like no other. Unlike painters or theatre artists or actors, the characters they create have to be intent, are often free of shortcomings that are but human. But to produce these pieces of art, it is very important, that these animation artists need to be their artistic best, learn from the best and create the best.

From the crude flip books made in schools, to the CGI and 3D motion graphics, the idea of animation is the same – its undeniable appeal to both the inner child and the discerning adult alike.

Animation beyond movies and cartoons:

The world is everyone’s oyster today, and lines between fields are blurring. Animation is a widely used technique in digital space too, apart from film and television. Particularly, animation enhances webpage and application design and digital marketing more so because of its usage and practicality, than just the aesthetic appeal it provides. Think of something as simple as a “Page loading” graphic – no one likes to stare at a blank screen. Animated brand logos here create distinct impressions like none.

Lets take a look at some of the applications the animation industry caters to beyond entertainment.


Animation is equated with fun and entertainment, and this is exactly what it is employed for in the field of education. Edutainment is fast replacing the traditional book-rote-read methodology. It is a proven fact that everyone remembers, understands and comprehends more information when taught from a fun, experience-centric teaching vis-a-vis a regular classroom experience. Add in VR and AR, you have a perfect recipe for education in hand.

Social Media:

What was once dubbed as a distraction, or sideline entertainment has now become mainstream, with people spending more time on social media and networking sites than anywhere else. This year the most lucrative placements at top graphic designing colleges and top animation colleges were for social media companies with lucrative paychecks. Snapchat Filters that change every day and experiences like that infinite feed concept, or “swipe” are all contributions of animation, and these features are what make social media the irresistible force that we all succumb to.

Science & medicine:

From visualising the details of human anatomy through medical animation, to creation of 3D models for scientific research and analysis, the ability of animation in creating close to reality replicas have made it an essential tool in the field of Science and Medicine. Administration of medicine and diagnosis has become easier with medical animation. Hospitals and healthcare institutions are now teaming up with Top animation college s to get customised animation services.


The universal appeal of animation that stretches across geographies, age groups and languages, makes it a cost effective and efficient advertising and marketing tool. From prototype creation, where a product’s features can be easily explained using 3D animation, to customisation options that can be offered to clients/customers, animation gives advertising and marketing to a whole new exciting dimension. Studies have shown that when users look at video advertising, engagement and conversion rates are boosted by over 64%. The statistics have spoken – people are spending more time now than ever watching videos, and animation videos are the most cost effective way to make a powerful impact.


Though gaming is a part of the entertainment industry, it is fast emerging into a industry in its own right, with profitability and popularity increasing manifold. Animations in films are a stark contrast to animations in gaming, since the animator involved in gaming, has to create characters controlled by the user, which means every move, angle and view needs to be taken into account.

It can be safely said that animation is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing industries in today’s world. Looking at how it has been dashing into other areas which include not just interactive experiences, but also arenas like advertising, marketing and science, altering the entire landscape. Like always, as with any emerging technology, the key is to adopt new trends before the become mainstream. So, if you are an entrepreneur looking for digital marketing options, and are running a tight ship, animation advertising is an excellent low cost choice, or if you are a student looking to explore different career options, look for top animation colleges and use it to you advantage. Like alwaysHealth Fitness Articles, the limits are endless and possibilities are infinite!

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Priya is the Manager of Creative Content Development of PurpleSyntax Digital Marketing Agency, Hyderabad. She has over a year of experience in digital marketing and likes to share her thoughts about the digital marketing strategies. She’s passionate about learning new technologies to enhance the digital experience..

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