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Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Pre and Primary Teachers Training Program – A Major Step in the Field of Pre-school

This article throws light on the need for pre and primary training course for all aspiring as well as experienced teachers in order to know the modern teaching approaches used in kindergarten to primary level of teaching.

Pre and primary teachers training program is an amalgamation of both kindergarten as well as primary level training courses that are provided by only a handful of teacher training institutes for the benefit of the candidates so that they are able to receive knowledge and skills to teach learners from the kindergarten level till primary section.  This particular training course focuses on acquainting the candidates with the innovative and contemporary teaching approaches and methodologies from the kindergarten to primary level of teaching.
Pre-primary learning is involved when the learners are introduced to a learning environment for the very first time and they are supposed to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills in a safe and prepared learning atmosphere. However, since these learners are kids and pretty young to grasp theoretical knowledge and concepts, hence feeding them with bookish knowledge may not be of much help. Moreover, the younger children of the modern generation have very short attention span, therefore it is of primary importance that the teachers in the classroom, device methods to make the classes engaging for the learners so that these learners find the topics that are discussed in the class to be interesting enough and concentrate and take active participation in them.
The methodologies and strategies usually used by the teachers in the pre-primary level are activity-based. Because young children are always bubbling with high enthusiasm and energy during this phase of their life, hence it is the teacher’s responsibility and duty to bank on this energy to the benefit of the learners and engage them with certain activities which would take care of their energy and at the same time ensure that they learn a new skill and/or acquire new knowledge in the process.
The teachers in modern day education are not meant to be instructors but rather they are expected to become facilitators for the young learners who will act as a guide to the learners and be a mediator to conduct/monitor the activities in the classroom. Unlike traditional teaching, modern teaching is mostly student-centred where the entire focus is never on the teacher, but the students are always on the limelight where their needs are catered to and given importance. The pre and primary teacher training course trains the candidate just that. The other topics included in the course are language acquisition skills, classroom management, early childhood care, and many such other topics related to pre and primary education.
A classroom consists of learners of various backgrounds, temperament and nature, making the teacher’s job to manage the class as well as teach at the same time pretty difficult. Therefore most good and established primary as well as secondary level schools in and around the world, prefer their teachers to be well trained and have a professional training certificate. Enrolling themselves for a training course will acquaint the candidates with the various challenges that they may have to face in the classrooms. The pre and Primary training program familiarises the candidates with the strategies and methodologies to be used in the class to maintain discipline, as well as ensure that the children get to learn new things, thereby promoting their all-round development comprising of physical development, emotional development, intellectual development, cognitive development and social development.
The course teaches the candidates the correct method of conducting co-operative group activities which enables learners in the class to develop their co-operative nature and be a help to their fellow classmates. The teachers are trained to emphasise more on the things that are learnt by the students rather than the things taught. Through these interaction sessions, the kids also learn the art of socialising and the appropriate way of behaving with their classmates and elders.
The course also focuses on creating a confident teacher who would become a competent and proficient educator able to become an authoritative figure in the classroom as well as be their mentor with whom they would feel comfortable and secure and learn to obey and respect the teacher out of love and not out of fear. The teachers are made aware of the modern teaching skills where different teaching aids are used. For instance audio visual teaching aids, abacus, puzzles, outdoor activities, etc.Free Articles, which help in making the classes interesting and improve the student-teacher relationship.

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Nancy Twain has been shared about pre primary teacher training program in kolkata by ACT to know about modren teaching techniques.

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